Blackboard is IT Carlow’s e-learning platform used by Academic staff to post and distribute course content such as syllabuses and handouts, to communicate with students via announcements and email messages, to assess student learning through quizzes and online assignments, and much more. Once you have been issued with your IT Carlow computer network account you will have access to Blackboard. However whilst students have automatic access to the courses they are registered for, staff must request access to courses they are teaching by completing the Course Enrolment form available in the Blackboard Support course.

Blackboard Support:

Blackboard Help/Request Page »

  • Blackboard course Enrolment form
  • Common course Request form
  • Current Blackboard Courses
  • Blackboard Technical Checklist
  • Blackboard Quick Start guides

Blackboard Support Course(Only available within Blackboard):

Once you log into Blackboard you will be automatically enrolled onto the Blackboard support Course. This course contains specially tailored guides and instructional videos on the many features of the Blackboard environment as configured here at the Institute of Technology Carlow. You will also find information here on suggested best practices, known technical issues and course housekeeping tips.

Support Contacts: