Lillian Byrne-Lancaster



Wexford Campus
e:      t: 053 9185800
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7443-2875

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Research Interests

In three decades since I graduated from WRTC I have in direct social care & ECEC practice, management, professional supervision and training.  My ultimate aim as a lecturer is to help students develop into evidence informed, self-regulating, reflexive social care workers, to retain an integrous, practice wise stance within a neo-liberal market, and a post-structural context of professionalism.  Reflecting Usher and Edwards’s (1994) construct of post-modernist learning, my interest in teaching & learning for professional practice takes into account the interplay between personal and social in the learning environment.

I have earned a BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies (Social Care) at WIT in 1998 and an MA in CIT and am currently undertaking PhD research with IT Sligo. My current research interest focuses on placement-based learning stories.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2014) Outcomes of Social Care Practice. Curum. Summer issue. pp. 7 – 12

Byrne-Lancaster. L. (2017) "Thresholds to cross when learning social care practice In Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Special Issue: Threshold Concepts and Conceptual Difficulty Vol. 12, No.2 March 2017, pp. 82-96

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2017) “When situated learning became invisible.  Niamh’s Invisibility Narrative”  In Journal of European Social Education Vol 28/29 June 2017 pp. 33-44

Books and Book Chapters

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2013) Learning to Practise – The Role of Practice Placement in Social Care. In Howard, N. and Lyons, D. Social Care: Learning from Practice.(pp. 222 – 230)

Conference Proceedings and Papers

Byrne-Lancaster, L (2017) Front Face’ – Social care involvement in social care education   SCI Annual Conference: Changing Face of Social Care

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2017) Induction Narratives Sligo IT Post-graduate Conference

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2016) Invisibility narrative of Social Care students.  Annual Conference Strasburg

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2016) Development of Professional-self during social care situated learning experiences. SCI Annual Conference – Balancing Care and Regulation Sligo

Byrne-Lancaster, L.(2016) Placement Artefacts: What learning are they promoting.  Whiting and Birch Bi-Annual Professional Education Conference:  Promoting Quality Assessment: Belfast

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2015) Placement based learning in SC education:  Harvesting the Crop.  Narrative Research Conference:  Binding the Field: Maynooth

Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2014) Tools for Developing Reflective Practice SPDN Annual Conference: Building Reflective practice: Dublin

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Byrne-Lancaster, L. (2014) Social Care Threshold Concepts: Threshold Concepts Bi-annual conference: Boundaries of Professions Durham


Research Supervision

Engagement and Collaboration