Jerry Dixon

HDip BEd BPsych MSc

Work & Organisational Psychologist

Wicklow LLL

e:      t: 0404 67125

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5298-3358     Linkedin

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Research Interests

Experienced field researcher in the domain of unemployment / reemployment and it’s bi-directional relationship upon mental health / wellness. Jerry’s particular research focus is on subjective competency and impression management strategies to affect organisational entry. His research and contribution to knowledge of this domain resulted in Jerry being awarded an Associate Fellowship of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Jerry is experienced in using a range of qualitative and quantitative / statistical methods, adopting a Critical Realist paradigm. Jerry has regularly presented his research at the Irish Psychological Societies annual conference. He has also presented at European and World Psychological conferences. Jerry’s professional career spans Primary and Third Level Education, Sales  / Marketing Management, Recruitment Consultancy, Rehabilitative Vocational Training, Social Care, Re-employment Training, Job Coach, and Career Counselling. Adopting an open and eclectic perspective of applied psychology, Jerry’s 15 years of lecturing experience and contribution to the methods of lifelong learning and distance education (whilst lecturing with The Open University) resulted in the award of Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2007. Currently his research is examining the psycho-social traits that underlie effective job seeking and the role of mindfulness in pro-active job seeking behaviour.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Dixon, J. (2012) Re-employment Psychology: The synthesis of cognitive, social, and organisational psychology. International Journal of Psychology. 47 (1), 184.

Saucier, G. & Kenner, J. etal. inc. Dixon. J.  (2014) Cross-Cultural Differences in a global ‘Survey of World Views’. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46, 53-71.

Conference Proceedings and Papers

‘Picture Me at Work’: Impression Management on the CV Résumé Through the Use of High Imagery Text. PSI Conference, Nov 2004, Cork.

Skill Amnesia: Is Unemployment Learned, and Confidence Lost Through Experiences of Work. PSI Conference, Nov 2008, Tullow.

Re-Employment Psychology: The Synthesis of Cognitive, Social, and Organisational Psychology. PSI Conference, Nov 2008, Tullow.

Applied Re-Employment Psychology: An Evidence Based Approach to Working with the Unemployed. PSI Conference, Nov 2008, Tullow.

Vocational Competency Training: A Therapeutic Intervention for Clients with Additional Needs. PSI Conference, Nov 2008, Tullow. (Co author Marie McGrath, HSE).

‘What am I good at ?’ A Qualitative Investigation of the Everyday Awareness of Subjective Competency Amongst Job Seekers. PSI Conference, Nov 2009, Wexford.

A Non-counsellors Approach to Counselling: Solution Focused Brief Therapy, a Practical Tool in the Re-employment Practitioners Armoury. PSI Conference, Nov 2009, Wexford.

Organisational Skill Amnesia: A Comparative Study of the Beliefs of Job Seeking Ability Between an Employed and Unemployed Sample. PSI Conference, Nov 2009, Wexford (Co author Mark Griffin, Royal Bank of Scotland).

The Meaning of Work: The Agnotology of a Societal Enigma. Keynote address to National Job Club Forum, Portlaoise, June, 2009

Ethics : From Ancient Virtues to Contemporary Pragmatism. Keynote address to  The EAPA Ireland Annual Conference, Dublin Castle. May, 2010. (Employment Assistance Practitioners Association of Ireland).

Positive Psychology and it’s Practical Application in the Reemployment Coaching Context; Why does it make a Difference ? PSI Conference, Nov 2010, Athlone.

Elaborating upon the impact of job search knowledge on perceived job seeking self efficacy. PSI Conference, Nov 2010, Athlone.

The Impact of Extroversion on Preferred Job Seeking Methods in a Recession. PSI Conference, Nov 2010, Athlone.

Re-Employment Psychology: The Synthesis of Cognitive, Social, and Organisational Psychology: A New Paradigm.. 30th International Congress of Psychology,  Jul.2012. Cape Town, South Africa.

Emotional Intelligence: Re-Employment Psychology’s Missing link: A Discussion on the Evolutionary Role of Socio-Emotional Intelligence in the Adaptive Skill of Job Seeking. Keynote Address to the Coaching Psychology Group of the Division of Work & Organisational Psychology, PSI. September 2016, Dublin

Staring at the cliff face: A qualitative study of how confidence and subjective competency mediates reemployment efficacy in an Irish cohort. The 18th Conference of the European Association of Work & Organisational Psychology (EAWOP), May 17th-20th, 2017, UCD Dublin, Ireland.

An quantitative investigation to explore the psychosocial traits that mediate reemployment in an Irish sample. The 18th Conference of the European Association of Work & Organisational Psychology (EAWOP), May 17th-20th, 2017, UCD Dublin, Ireland.


Research Supervision

Current Research Students

Brocklebank, A – The Impact of Vicarious Trauma on a Social Care Cohort – Assistant Supervisor.

Areas of Interest as a Supervisor include
  • Men’s health and it’s psychological impact.
  • Unemployment, reemployment, vocational readjustment through disability.
  • Career development, career change, vocational choice and clarity.
  • Social Cognition / Self Regulation, Emotional Intelligence.
  • Motivation, self efficacy, approach orientation, restoring self confidence.
  • Conflict in teams, dark triad management, and toxic organisations.
  • Change, organisational culture and mission, goal attainment, and perceived barriers.
  • Mindfulness, metacognition, trait awareness.
  • Social Care, self care, professional development.
  • Most issues concerning Psychology.

Engagement and Collaboration

Consultancy on change in the state reemployment training and career guidance sector.

Consultancy on policy development / evaluation on the vocational rehabilitation of former military personnel, ex-offenders, substance abusers, brain injury clients.

Consultancy on the development of professional supervision training programmes and assessment criteria.