Dr Oisin Cawley


Lecturer & Researcher

Deptartment of Computing, Science Faculty, Carlow Campus
e: oisin.cawley@setu.ie      t: 059 9175592
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3048-7377     ResearchGate  LinkedIn

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Research Interests

Dr. Cawley began his academic training in University College Dublin where he earned an honours degree in Science (major in Computer Science). He then worked for a number of years in industry, mainly in large multi-national IT companies. During this time he attended Dublin City University where he graduated with an MBA. In 2009 he returned to education full time to pursue a PhD in Software Engineering, and was conferred with his doctorate from the University of Limerick. Since then he has been employed in third level education as a lecturer and researcher in Computing.

His research interests are broad and reflect the growing interconnectedness of technology and people. With expertise in software engineering, in particular within the medical devices domain, the following areas (in no particular order) are where some of his interests lie:

  • Regulated Software development
  • The Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Assisted living technology
  • Connected Health
  • Bio-medical engineering


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Wang. X, Conboy. K, Cawley, O. 2011 “Leagile” Software Development: An Experience Report Analysis of the Application of Lean Approaches in Agile Software Development”. (The Journal of Systems and Software. Special issue on: "Towards a unified view of agile software development")

Books and Book Chapters

Cawley. O. “Trials and tribulations of the Global Software Engineering process – Evolving with your organisation”. In Marco Kuhrmann et al (Editors) Managing Software Process Evolution. 2016.

Cawley. O, Weibelzahl, S, Richardson. I, Delaney. Y. 2014 “Incorporating a self-directed learning pedagogy in the Computing Classroom: Problem Based Learning as a means to improving Software Engineering learning outcomes”. In: Overcoming Challenges in Software Engineering Education: Delivering Non-Technical Knowledge and Skills. IGI Global; 2014.

Conference Proceedings and Papers

Uhlemann, J., Cawley, O., Kakouli-Duarte, T. 2020 “Nematode Identification using Artificial Neural Networks” 2020. DeLTA 2020 – 1st International Conference On Deep Learning Theory and Applications.

Marieke Agterbos, Frank Aldershoff, Oisin Cawley, Norbert Jung, Joseph Kehoe, Eric Klok, Andreas Künz, Jan Harald Nilsen, Patrick Jost, Irene Rothe, Grethe Sandstrak, Reidun Skar, Karl-Heinz Weidman. 2019 “Developing Health Technology Innovators: A collaborative learning approach.” EDUCON2019 – IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference. 

Uhlemann, J., Cawley, O., Kakouli-Duarte, T. 2019 “Nematode identification using artificial neural networks” 2019. Environ 2019: Engagement for Climate Action, 29th Colloquium of Irish Environmental Research.

Zachoval, L., O'Broin, D., Cawley, O. 2018 “Leveraging xAPI in a corporate e-learning environment to facilitate the tracking, modelling and predictive analysis of learner behaviour”. EdTech 2018, Carlow, Ireland.

Uhlemann, J., Kakouli-Duarte, T., Cawley, O. 2017 “Computer assisted identification, counting, sorting and monitoring in biological systems” 2017. 3rd International Symposium on Nematodes as Environmental Bioindicators.

Cawley. O, Wang. X, Richardson. I, 2015 “A Conceptual Framework for Lean Regulated Software Development”, International Conference on Software and System Process.

Cawley. O, Wang, X, Richardson. I, 2013 “Lean Software Development – What Exactly Are We Talking About?”. The 4th International Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems (LESS), Galway, Ireland.

McHugh. M, Cawley. O, McCaffery. F, Richardson. I, Wang. X. 2013 “An Agile V-Model for Medical Device Software Development to Overcome the Challenges with Plan-Driven Software Development Lifecycles”. (5th International Workshop on Software Engineering in Health Care SEHC (ICSE 2013), San Francisco, USA)

Cawley. O, Richardson. I, Wang. X. 2012 “Regulated Software Development – An Onerous Transformation” (International Symposium on the Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems FHIES 2012, Paris, France.)

Cawley. O, Richardson. I, Wang. X. 2011 “Medical Device Software development - A Perspective From a Lean Manufacturing Plant” (International Conference on Process Improvement and Capability Determination in Software, Systems Engineering and Service Management SPICE 2011, Dublin, Ireland.)

Other Research Outputs

One invention disclosure

Research Supervision

Current Research Students

PhD - Grainne Mulvey “An investigation of dynamic temperature monitoring and control in modular data centres – initially using Infrared Thermography (IRT) and a novel machine - learning framework to improve efficiency.”

MSc by Research- Jason Uhlemann “Computer assisted identification, counting, sorting and monitoring in biological systems”

MSc by Research- Libor Zachoval “Leveraging xAPI in a corporate e-learning environment to facilitate the tracking, modelling and predictive analysis of learner behaviour”

Areas of Interest as a Supervisor
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Ambient Assisted Living
  • Exergaming/Serious Games
  • Internet Of Things
  • Health related technology

Engagement and Collaboration

  • Erasmus+ partner for cross-European project “Teaching Interdisplinary Human Centred Design to Improve Patient Quality of Life”
  • Erasmus+ partner for cross-European new module development “Serious Games and Welfare Technology”
  • Various Enterprise Ireland innovation vouchers.