Dr Dina Brazil


Senior Lecturer

Department of Science and Health, Carlow Campus
e: brazild@setu.ie      t: 059 9175553

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Research Interests

Following her PhD thesis on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance plasmids in fish pathogens Dr Dina Brazil worked as a post-doctoral scientist at the Technical University Braunschweig in Germany, the University Medical Centre at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and at the Department of Microbiology, University College Cork. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science and Health.

Her research interests in molecular environmental microbiology include; the interaction between endophytes and plants; the monitoring   of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the environment; clean room microbiology.

Latterly Dr Brazil has been has become involved in the pedagogy of higher education. In her MA in Teaching and Learning, she used an Action Research Approach to explore the enhancement of research and enquiry skills among Science students. She is interested in the integration of undergraduate research and enquiry into the curriculum and the use of technology in the enhancement of effective assessment of Science Practicals (TEAM).

Dr Brazil is co-chair of the Curriculum Development Sub Committee of the SURE network , an associate member of NFTL , chair of the Teaching Learning and Student Support Sub-Committee of Academic Council.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Brazil, D. (2017). From outsider to insider: the effect of engaging in action research on developing and assessing critical writing and subject knowledge in a second year microbiology module. In:  Maguire, M., Harding, N., Noonan, G. & O’Connor, T. (Eds). Teachers as learners: exploring the impact of accredited professional development in learning and teaching in Irish Higher Education. Maynooth: AISHE. pp. 35-47.

Kavanagh Y., Brazil D., Dowling D., Noonan G., Bree RT., Healy E., Maguire M., Faller D., Harding N., Mulvihill A., Akande A., Doyle D., Bird J. (2018). Studying Student Experience of Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods (TEAM) in Science and Health in Ireland. MRS Advances. https://doi.org/10.1557/adv.2017.627

Books and Book Chapters

Harding N., O'Regan L., Maguire M., Brown M., Ryan S., McDermott G., Farrell O., Munro M., Gallagher G., Cranny D., McKevitt C., Healy E., Bree RT, Faller D., Mulvihill A., Bird J., Akande A., Doyle D., Dowling D., Brazil D., Noonan G. (2017). Developing Digital Pedagogy: The Impact of National Strategy and Enhancement Themes in an Irish Institute of Higher Education in Empowering 21st Century Learners Through Holistic and Enterprising Learning (1; 22), pp. 219-230. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-10-4241-6_22

Conference Proceedings and Papers

Oral presentation: Students creating videos: using Flips for motivation and assessment. Brazil, D, Keane , D., McGuinness, M., and Raftery, D. EDTech 2010
Practice exchange: Use of Articulate in the development of postgraduate and specific skills. Brazil,D.,  Germaine, K., and  Raftery D. EDTech 2011
Poster Presentation: Working with GMOs.  Dina Brazil and David Dowling NDLR Fest 2012
Digital resource: Working with GMOs. Dina Brazil. EPA GMO Technology Conference October 2012
Bree RT, Healy E, Maguire M, Faller D, Harding N, Mulvihill A, Brazil D, Dowling D, Akande A, Bird J, Doyle D. Exploring ways to enhance practical assessment using digital technologies in Science and Health programmes: the Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods (TEAM) project approach. EDTech  2016 Dublin http://programme.exordo.com/edtech2016/delegates/presentation/39/

Bree RT, Healy E, Maguire M, Faller D, Harding N, Mulvihill A, Brazil D, Noonan G, Kavanagh Y, Dowling D et al..  2017.  A Science and Health discipline specific network in action: An update on the Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods (TEAM) project. EdTech 2017; TEL in an Age of Supercomplexity - Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies.http://programme.exordo.com/edtech2017/delegates/presentation/112/

Bree RT, Healy E, Maguire M, Faller D, Harding N, Mulvihill A, Brazil D, Noonan G, Kavanagh Y, Dowling D et al..  2017.  Student experiences and perceptions of digital technology in science practical assessments. EdTech (2017) TEL in an Age of Supercomplexity - Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies.http://programme.exordo.com/edtech2017/delegates/presentation/41/


Bree RT, Healy E, Maguire M, Faller D, Harding N, Mulvihill A, Brazil D, Dowling D, Kavanagh Y, Noonan G et al.  2017.  Technology Enhanced Assessment Methods (TEAM) in Science and Health Practical sessions: a progress report on an Irish multi-institutional initiative. Assessment in Higher Education Conference 2017. http://cdepp.conference-services.net/reports/template/onetextabstract.xml?xsl=template/onetextabstract.xsl&conferenceID=5228&abstractID=1037123

Bree RT, Healy E, Maguire M, Faller D, Harding N, Mulvihill A, Brazil D, Dowling D, Kavanagh Y, Noonan G et al.  2017.  Introducing technology enhanced assessment methods (TEAM) to health and science practical settings; bringing digital skills to laboratory and clinical skill sessions. European Science Education Research Association (ESERA). http://keynote.conference-services.net/resources/444/5233/pdf/ESERA2017_1304_paper.pdf

TEAM; Informing the future of technologies in health and science practical assessment. Ronan Bree et al.(2018)

TEAMing up with student partners and technologies to succeed in Science and Health. Ronan Bree et al., (2018)

Leveraging VLE features for Technology Enhanced Assessment of Laboratory Practicals . Brazil. |D. and Raftery, D. (2018) Carlow

EDTech 2018

Transforming feedback practice in the practical environment using digital technologies Antropova, O., Bree, RT., Healy E. Maguire, M., Faller,D.,  Harding, N., Mulvihill, A.,  Brazil,D., Dowling, D., Kavanagh, Y., Noonan, Y., Akande, Y.,  Doyle, D., and Bird, J.(2018)

Assessment in Higher Education : Transforming feedback. Manchester 2018

Educational projects

TLF Innovation Award 2007-2008- DHS Postgraduate Handbook

SIF II Repositioning Learner Assessment 2009-2010- Enhancing assessment using technology: Flip video cameras: a tool for motivation and assessing science students in practical classes

SIF II Transitions 2009-2010- First year induction pack for  Department of Science and Health

NDLR LIP Project 2010-2012- Development of specialized postgraduate training videos and resources in the area of environmental molecular biology. Health and Safety in the Lab: Introduction Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE). Digital SOP Working with Genetically Modified Organisms

National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning 2015-2017- TEAM project: Technology Enhanced  Assessment Methods in Science and Health  Practical Settings

Brazil, D. (2014). An inquiry into the effectiveness of my practice as a learning lecturer researcher in promoting research and enquiry based learning in a second year Microbiology module: an action research approach. MA dissertation. Institute of Technology Carlow



Research Supervision

Current Research Students


Project Title

Nature of supervision


Development and formulation to pre-commercialisation state of an innovation bio-control and plant growth promoting agent for sustainable agriculture



Analysis of integrated constructed wetlands and the subsequent evaluation of their effectiveness of reducing pathogens



An Investigation on the interactions between entomopathogenic nematodes and bacterial endophytes isolated from bioenergy crops



Past Research Students


Project Title

Nature of supervision



Development of endophyte and rhizosphere growth promotion (PGPR) and phytoremediation systems – colonization dynamics , mechanisms and impacts.




Soil metagenome analysis and bacterial ecology of low input tillage agroecosystem




Microbiology of bio-energy crops: pathogen fate and bioremediation enhancement




The development of molecular tools to monitor the effects of the herbicide glyphosate on the microbial diversity of Irish agricultural soils




Development of a rapid method to detect herbicide resistance in the pseudomonad flora of soils.




Investigation of the incidence of antibiotic resistance among introduced microorganisms in the river Barrow.




Areas of interest for future supervisory role

  • Environmental microbiology
  • Clean room Microbiology
  • Action research
  • Assessment in Teaching and Learning
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Technology in Assessment

Engagement and Collaboration

Dr Brazil has developed, with MSD, a special purpose Level 8 module; Microbiology of Environmental Contaminants for non-biologists engaged in the pharmaceutical industry