David Denieffe


Vice- President for Academic Affairs and Registrar

Haughton Building, Carlow Campus
e: david.denieffe@setu.ie      t: 059 9175705
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8339-787X     ResearchGate  LinkedIn

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Research Interests

David Denieffe has been a leading academic for over 20 years building on his previous military career. His primary research interests lie in the areas of networking and telecommunications but he maintains a broad interest in engineering and management. Having chaired leading national and international conferences, he also continues to serve on leading professional and industry groupings.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

M. E.. Heaton, M. Rogante, A. Len, D. Denieffe, "Investigation of the processing effects of UV, heat and laser ablation on SU-8 micro turbines: A first approach by small angle neutron scattering", Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures, Vol. 6 2010 Issue: 3, pp.364 – 372

M.E. Heaton, M. Rogante, Zs. Kasztovszky and D. Denieffe “Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis of Impurity and Elemental Stability for Two SU-8 Organic Polymer Samples Having Different Solidification Pre-treatment”, The Open Inorganic Chemistry Journal, Vol.3 2009 pp. 33-38

N.D. McMillan, D.Denieffe et al.;  “Theoretical Enquiry into the Use of Data Entropy Methods for Optoelectronic-Fibre System-Digital Design”; 3rd IT&T conference, Letterkenny, Oct. 2003

B.Carrig, D.Denieffe, D.O’Se “Impact of Variable Demand Provisioning on Best-Effort and Next-Generation Networks”;, First Symposium of The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, Dublin November 2003

G.M.P O’Hare., E. Hickey, C. Byrne., D. Denieffe,; “Network Context Awareness in Service Provision to Mobile Devices”; 15th International Symposium on Services and Local Access, Edinburgh, March 2004

B.Carrig, D. Denieffe; “Edge Router Design Considerations for Multi-Service Local Access IP Networks”; Proc. of IEEE 12th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM), Croatia, October 2004.

N.D. McMillan, J. Egan,  D. Denieffe et al.; “Applying New Data-Entropy and Data-Scatter Methods for Optical Digital Signal Analysis”;  Opto-Ireland 2005, RDS,  Dublin, April 2005, Proceedings of SPIE Vol SPIE 5825

N.D. McMillan, J. Egan,  D. Denieffe et al.;“A New Data Diffraction Method for Digital Signal Analysis and Optoelectronic-Fibre System-Digital Design”; Opto -Ireland 2005, RDS, Dublin, April 2005, Proceedings of SPIE Vol SPIE 5825

J.J Egan, N. D. McMillan,  D. Denieffe et al.; Optical telecommunications system and signal analysis using data-entropy and multiple-centroid data-scatter”; Photonics North,  Toronto Canada, September 2005, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 5970-65

B.Carrig, D.Denieffe and J.Murphy; “Delivering Quality of Service for Gaming Applications in Best Effort Networks”; Proc. of the 13th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2006), Madeira, May 2006

N.D. McMillan, J. Egan, D. Denieffe et al.; “Quality-Budgets and Entropy for Optical Telecommunications System and Signal Analysis”; Optics in the Southeast & HONET, North Carolina USA, September 2006

T.Casey, G-M Muntean, D.Denieffe; “Adaptive Framework for Performance-aware Network Selection in Heterogeneous Multi-network Wireless Environments”; China-Ireland Conference on Information and Communication Technologies Hangzhou China, October 2006

B.Carrig, D.Denieffe and J. Murphy;  “A Multiplayer Games Priority Selection Strategy for Use in QoS-Aware Networks”; 6th IT&T Conference, Carlow, October 2006

D. Denieffe, L. Ahmedi, B. Vachon; “Integration of Learning Technology in the Design and Delivery of an International Computer Science Masters Programme”; EdTech, Dublin, 2009

B. Carrig, D. Denieffe, J. Murphy; “A Congestion-Only Charging Mechanism for Multiplayer Gaming in Differentiated Services Networks”; GLOBECOM 2007: 1917-1921

B. Carrig, D. Denieffe, J. Murphy; “A Non-Elevated Scheduling Solution for First Person Shooter Games in IEEE 802.11 Networks”;  GLOBECOM 2007: 5277-5282

B. Carrig, D. Denieffe, J.  Murphy; “A relative delay minimization scheme for multiplayer gaming in differentiated services networks”; NETGAMES 2006: 36

D. Picovici, D. Denieffe and B. Carrig “The Impact of Network-Based Parameters on Gamer Experience”, Book Chapter published in the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition (8 Volumes), September 2008, pp 1830-1837.

D. Denieffe, B. Carrig, D. Marshall and D. Picovici, “A Game Assessment Metric for the Online Gamer”, Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering” Journal, Vol. 7(14) pp: 3-7, December 2007.


Research Supervision

Current Research Students

Associate supervisor, PhD- Diarmuid O’Briain, Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation

Supervisor, MSc – Sean Belton, Viscous armour simulation and design

Past Research Students
  • Brian Carrig PhD 2008
  • James Egan PhD 2010
  • Diarmuid O’Briain MSc 2011
  • Tim Casey MSc 2011
  • Patrick Walsh MEng 2013
Area of Interest for future supervisory role

Undertaking doctoral research as part of EdD in NUIM on ‘A Management Model for the Technological University?’ Due for submission 2018.

Lead researcher on research in Electronic, Mechanical and ICT projects being undertaken for Irish Defence Forces

Engagement and Collaboration

  • Fellow of Engineers Ireland (FIEI, Chartered Engineer)
  • Former Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of Engineers Ireland South East Region; former member of Council and Accreditation Board; member of Engineers Ireland Task Force on Mathematics, Chair of National STEPS Committee
  • Member of Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)
  • Student Counsellor, SETU Carlow
  • Member of IEEE (MIEEE)- Member of IEEE Ireland Steering Committee
  • Data and Voice Network Designer, Special Olympics World Games 2003
  • External Examiner from Level 6 to 9 on taught programmes in ITB, DIT, GMIT and Cork IT
  • External Examiner Level 9 Research projects DIT 2012
  • Chair of Council of Heads of School of Engineering 2009-10
  • Chair of Institutes of Technology Council of Registrars 2015-16
  • Chair, Rapporteur and Member of accreditation, validation and review panels in Bahrain and Ireland (IT Blanchardstown, GMIT, LYIT, ITT Dublin, WIT, IT Sligo, LIT, DKIT, Military College, IT Tralee)
  • Member of International Engineering Alliance Review Team evaluating Technician (Dublin Accord) and Technologist (Sydney Accord) training in the UK, 2008