Dr Eoghan Conor O'Shea


Assistant Lecturer

D411 Burrin Building

e: eoghan.o'shea@itcarlow.ie      t: 059 9175469

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Dr O’Shea graduated from the UCD School of Architecture in 2003, and has since worked in architectural practice in Dublin, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Kilkenny. These included award winning design firms such as Shay Cleary Architects and Grafton Architects. It also included firms with a sustainable design ethos such as Bucholz McEvoy Architects and Solearth Ecological Architects. He has been a registered architect (MRIAI) since 2010 and had the position of Senior Architect with O’Briain Beary Architects and partner at MCOS Architects in Kilkenny. He has undertaken CPD in, among other areas, Safety in Design, and Low Energy Design.

Dr O’Shea holds Postgraduate Diplomas in Professional Practice and Sustainable Design from the UCD and the University of East London respectively and holds a PhD which developed evaluation methods for Universal Design in the built environment from Trinity College Dublin, completed in 2014. He has been a visiting critic to the School of Architecture in UL, and the Research Masters in Architecture at TU Dublin, and a member of the judging panel on the 2016 International Student Concrete Design Competition.

Dr O’Shea joined the Institute of Technology, Carlow as Assistant Lecturer in November 2018, where he is currently undertaking a Masters in Teaching and Learning.

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Research Interests

Since undertaking a PhD in 2010 Dr O’Shea engaged in teaching part-time in engineering and architectural programmes in TCD, UL and TU Dublin respectively. His previous teaching experience centred on the complex embodiment of building users and how broader understanding of the diversity of users will inform better design.
His current teaching centres on three areas:

  • The legal requirements around construction and the philosophies that inform and underpin these regulations for students on Construction courses
  • Software skills for Architectural Technology and early stage Engineering students
  • Technical design skills, and material and structure knowledge for Architectural technologists

Dr O’Shea competed for and secured research funding to explore methods and strategies for teaching CPD in Universal Design in partnership with UL and the University at Buffalo, State University of New York which is an area he is exploring further, and which has led to a number of publications to date including a published report. Related to this is the development of pedagogical material for third level courses

Dr O’Shea also intends to further develop evaluation frameworks for universal design in the built environment, based on participant-led research begin during the preparation of his PhD.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

O Shea, E.C. (2016) Diary of a Building: Soliciting Building Users a Proxy Researchers. Iterations 01(03).

O Shea, E.C., Pavia, S., Dyer, M., Craddock, G., Murphy, N. (2014) Measuring empathy of buildings: a review of universal design evaluation methods. Disability and Rehabilitation Assistive Technology. 2014.01(11)

O Shea, E.C. (2003) “The New Apprentice” Building Material. 12, pp. 20-24

Conference Presentations

O Shea,E.C., Basnak, M., Bucholz, M., Steinfeld, E. (2018) A Review of Universal Design in Professional Architectural Education: Recommendations and Guidelines. Transforming our World through Design, Diversity and Education: Proceedings of Universal Design and Higher Education in Transformation Congress 2018. Dublin Castle.Craddock, Doran, McNutt, Rice. (eds) IOSPress.

O Shea, E.C. (2016) Diary of a building: Soliciting building users as proxy researchers. All-Ireland Architectural Research Group 5th Annual Conference 2016. Centre for Architectural Education, UCC

O Shea,E.C., Basnak, M., Steinfeld, E., Bucholz, M. (2016) Universal Design and Continuing Professional Development for Architects and Architectural Technologists: An Irish Case Study. Proceedings of: Universal Design 2016: Learning from the Past, Designing for the Future. University of York, UK. Petrie, H., Darzentas, J., Walsh, T., Swallow, D., Sandoval, L., Lewis, A., Power, C. (eds). IOSPress

O Shea, E.C. (2015) The (human) condition of architecture. All-Ireland Architectural Research Group 4th Annual Conference 2015. NCAD, Dublin.

O Shea, E.C. (2014) Designing for all circumstances. All-Ireland Architectural Research Group 3rd Annual Conference 2014.  University of Ulster, Belfast.

O Shea, E.C. Pavia, S., Dyer, M. (2013) A participatory approach to assessing building empathy. Proceedings: Cumulus 2013 More for Less: Design in an Age of Austerity. NCAD, Dublin.

Published Reports

O Shea, E.C., Basnak, M., Steinfeld, E., Bucholz, M. (2019) Research to inform the development and delivery of CPD in Universal Design that is suitable for RIAI accreditation and promotion. Report commissioned by the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, NDA. Prepared by the School of Archietcture, University of Limerick in partnership with University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

Research Supervision

Willing to consider students in the area of universal design, accessible design, and sustainable building design

Engagement and Collaboration

Dr O’Shea is currently a member of the RIAI Universal Design Task Force, a voluntary group which advocates for deeper universal design consideration by and on behalf of members of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland.