Dr Daire O'Broin


Lecturer at the Department of Computing
Principal Investigator, GameCORE

Dr Daire Ó Broin is a lecturer on the Computer Games Development progamme and conducts pure and applied research in the areas of Games, Gamification (applying games to non-game contexts), Games Based Learning, and Learning analytics. 

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Research Interests

The main theme of his research is to develop approaches for creating engaging experiences for different contexts, such as supporting therapy, formal and informal learning, and entertainment. 


  • Daire Ó Broin, Ken Power, Encouraging a Focus on Mastery Using Game Elements, European Conference for Game Based Learning 2014 [TO APPEAR]
  • Keith Burke, Daire Ó Broin, John McEvoy, Teaching Death Concepts to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities using Computer Games, European Conference for Game Based Learning 2014 [TO APPEAR]
  • Daire Ó Broin,Towards a Sustainable Learner Model, European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning 2013
  • Daire Ó Broin, Ross Palmer, Combatting Social Isolation and Cognitive Decline:  Play a Physical or Digital Game?, European Conference for Game Based Learning 2013
  • Dale Cantwell, Daire Ó Broin, Ross Palmer, Greg Doyle, Motivating Elderly People to Exercise Using a Social Collaborative Exergame with Adaptive Difficulty, Proceedings of Game Based Learning, 2012
  • Hans Demski, Claudia Hildebrand, José López Bolós, Winfried Tiedge, Stefanie Wengel, Daire Ó Broin, Ross Palmer, Technical Requirements of a Social Networking Platform for Senior Citizens, Medical Informatics in Europe Conference, 2012
  • Daire Ó Broin, Using a Criteria-Based User Model for Facilitating Flow in Serious Games, Proceedings of Virtual Worlds for Serious Games 2011.