Dr Clare O'Hagan


Associate Lecturer

Carlow Campus
e: ohaganc@setu.ie | t: 087 9007800
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Research Interests

An expert in gender equality and organisation change, I hold a PhD in Sociology & Women’s Studies, and MA in Women’s Studies.

I have fifteen years experience of teaching, research and scholarship in higher education in the public sector, during which I implemented gendered organisational change programmes, designed and delivered training programmes and workshops (CIT, UL, GCC, FAS, NCIrl) as well as sixteen years working in private sector multinational organisations, conducting three HR start-ups, and working at all levels up to and including European HR Manager.  I hold a  BA in Human Resources and MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management.

Since 2017, I have been helping organisations create inclusive cultures by providing consulting,           workshops and training programmes in the equality, diversity and inclusion areas (www.theequalitybusiness.ie).  I am an Associate Lecturer with Carlow IT, delivering modules in Human Resource Management and Strategic HRM to under-and post-graduate students in the centre for Lifelong Learning.

My research interests include Equality, Gender, Women’s Employment, Motherhood, Human Resources, Organisation Behaviour, Intersectionality, Care Work and Feminism.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

O’Connor, P., O’Hagan, C., and Gray, B. (2017)’Femininities in STEM-Outsiders Within’  Work, Employment and Society  accepted May 2017 (in press).

O’Hagan,C.,  O’Connor, P., Myers, E.S., Baiser, L., Apostolov, G., Topuzova, I. Saglamer, G., Tan, M., and Caglayan, H. (2016) ’Perpetuating academic capitalism through gendered career practices in universities’ Critical Studies in Education DOI: /10.1080/17508487.2016.1238403.

O’Connor, P. and O’Hagan, C. (2015)Excellence in university staff evaluation:a problematic reality?’ Studies in Higher Education DOI:10.1080/03075079.2014.100029.

O’Connor, P. O’Hagan, C. and Brannen, J. (2015)Exploration of Masculinities in academic organizations:A tentative typology using career and relationship commitment’, Current Sociology 63 (4):528-546.

O’Hagan, C. (2014) ‘Broadening the Intersectional Path’  Gender Work and Organisation. published online: 23 JUN 2014. DOI: 10.1111/gwao.12056

O’Hagan, C. (2014) ‘Interlocking locations in the Caringscape’ Families, Relationships and Society (Special Issue) 3(2) 2014:pp 201-218

O’Hagan, C. (2012). ‘Who Cares?: The Economics of Childcare in Ireland’  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative. "Mothers and the Economy: The Economics of Mothering" JMI 3 (1) Spring 2012: pp203-217.

Books and Book Chapters

O’Hagan, C. (2015)  Complex Inequality and ‘Working Mothers’ Cork: Cork University Press

O’Hagan, C. (2017) ‘Gender and Care: ‘Working Mothers’ in Ireland. In R. Ryan Flood (Ed). Gender, Intimacy and Contemporary Ireland.  London: Routledge (in press).

O’Hagan, C. (2016) Working Mothers, childcare and the gendered order of caring.  In A. Hayes and M. Meagher (Eds)  A century of progress? Irish Women Reflect.  Dublin: Arlen House.

O’Hagan, C. (2006) ‘Ideologies of Motherhood and Single Mothers.’ In M. C. Ramblado-Minero and A. Pérez-Vides (Eds) Single Motherhood in Twentieth Century Ireland: Cultural, Historical and Social Essays.  London and New York: The Edwin Mellen Press: 65-82.

Conference Proceedings and Papers

O’Hagan, C. (2016) Formal Decision Making. FESTA GARCIA joint final conference, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, 7-8th November 2016.

O’Hagan, C and Baisner, L.  (2016) Gender Sensitive PhD Supervision FESTA GARCIA joint final conference, Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels, 7-8th November 2016.

O’Hagan, C. (2016) FESTA Action Research HR/ IUA conference, UL, 7 October 2016.

O’Hagan, C. (et al) (2016) ’Perpetuating academic capitalism through gendered career practices in universities’  Paper presented by Prof Pat O’Connor at Gender Work and Organization Conference. Keele, 29 June 2016.

O’Hagan, C. and O’Connor. P. (2015) ‘Gendered Academic Capitalism’.  Framing Financial Crisis and Protest: North East and South-East Europe. University of Limerick. 24 – 27 November 2015.

O’Hagan, C. (2015) FESTA: Selected Findings and Recommendations. Transforming STEM Realities: Gendered Organization Change, FESTA National Conference, University of Limerick 11 November, 2015.

O’Hagan, C. (2015) Presentation of FESTA to Gender ARC (Advanced Research Consortium). NUI Galway. 11 September, 2015.

O’Hagan, C. (2015) ‘Working Mothers’ and the Dilemma of Choice.  Motherhood and Culture International Interdisciplinary Conference, Maynooth, 15 – 17 June 2015.

O’Hagan, C. and Conci, M. (2014) Overcoming Resistance to gendered organizational change’.  4th Gender Summit, Brussels 2014.

O’Hagan, C. (2013) Awareness Raising.  EDI Conference, Athens, 1 – 3 July, 2013.

O’Hagan, C. (2012) Intersectionality Works.  Gender Work and Organisation Conference, Keele, June, 2012.

O’Hagan, C. (2012) Working and Mothering: Interlocking locations in the caringscape.   Intersecting Family Lives, Locales and Labours Conference, London South Bank University, 3rd February 2012.

O’Hagan, C. (2011) Choice and Constraint: Intersectionality and ‘working mothers’ in Ireland. Sibeal, Irish Feminist and Gender Studies Postgraduate Network 5th Annual Conference, University of Limerick, November, 2011

O’Hagan, C. (2009) Intersectionality Theory & ‘Working Mothers’ in Ireland. Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference, April, 2009.

O’Hagan, C. (2008) Irish Feminism & ‘Working Mothers’.  Exploring Mothers: Discourses, Representations and Practices of Mothering Conference. University College, Cork, June 2008.

O’Hagan, C. (2007) The elephant in the corner – legacy of Perfect Irish Mammy to ‘working mothers’ in Ireland.  Becoming (M)Other. Sibeal Irish Feminist and Gender Studies Postgraduate Network Conference University of Limerick, November 2007.       

O’Hagan, C. (2007) The Elephant in the Corner: the myth of the perfect homemaking mother and her legacy to working mothers.  Mothering in Contemporary Ireland, Women’s Studies Conference, University College Cork, October 2007.

O’Hagan, C. (2007) Working Mothers and Reflexive Moral Reasoning. New Research in Irish Feminism Conference. Trinity College Dublin, June 2007.

O’Hagan, C. (2007) Tough Decisions: Working Mothers’ Reflexive Moral Reasoning.  Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference, May 2007.  

O’Hagan, C. (2007) Feminism, Working Mothers and Reflexive moral Reasoning?  Irish Feminist Thought Conference University College Galway, April 2007.

O’Hagan, C. (2005) A feminist perspective on Human Resource Management in Ireland.  Guest Lecture at Sheffield Hallam University October 2005.                    

O’Hagan, C. (2005) Family or Economy Friendly?: Tensions in Irish Public Policy.  New Research in Irish Feminism Conference. Trinity College Dublin, June 2005.

O’Hagan, C. (2005) Working Mothers in Ireland: A Work in Progress Women’s Studies Postgraduate Conference, University College Cork, June 2005.      

O’Hagan, C. (2005) Family or Economy Friendly?: Tensions in Irish Public Policy.  Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference, May, 2005. 

O’Hagan, C. (2004) Ideologies of Motherhood and Single Mothers.   Unmarried mothers in Twentieth Century Ireland: Cultural Reflections. University of Limerick, June, 2004.

 O’Hagan, C. (2004) A feminist perspective on Human Resource Management in Ireland.  Feminism Contesting Globalization, Feminist and Women’s Studies UK and Ireland National Conference, UCD,  June, 2004.

O’Hagan, C. (2004 ) A woman’s work is never done – ‘working mothers’ in Ireland.  HOPE Foundation Conference, Cork, April 2004.

O’Hagan, C. (2001) Recruiting and Retaining the Right People.  IIR conference, Dublin June, 2001.

Published Reports

O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P., Richardson, I., Baisner, L., Myers, E.S., Saglamer, G., Tan, M., Caglayan, H.,Apostolov, G., and Topuzova, I. (2016) Expert Report 3.2 Individual Awareness Raising: research, development and implementation of training activities in four European universities. [online] Available at: www.festa-europa.eu

Richardson, I., O’Hagan, C., Adebowle, S., Noll, J., Baisner, L., Myers, E.S., Saglamer, G., Tan, M., Caglayan, H.,Apostolov, G., and Topuzova, I. (2016) Expert Report 3.1 Development, implementation and evaluation of the FESTA Strategic Career Manager (FESTA - SCM) . [online] Available at: www.festa-europa.eu

O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P. Veronsesi, L., Mich, O., Saglamer, G., Tan, M. and Caglayan, H.(2015)  Expert Report 4.1 Gendering Decision Making and Communications Processes. [online] Available at: www.festa-europa.eu

O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P. Veronesi, L, Mich, O., Saglamer, G., Tan, M, and Caglayan, H (2016) Expert Report 4.2, Recommendations and training programmes implemented. [online].  Available at: www.festa-europa.eu

Wolffram, A., Aye, M., Apostolov, G., Andonova, S., O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P., Chizzola, V., Caglayan, H, Saglamer, G and Tan, M. (2013).  Expert Report: Perceptions of Excellence in Hiring Processes Results of mapping the present situation in Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Turkey. [online] Available at: www.festa-europa.eu.

Luebke, E., Aye, M, Wolffram, M, Apostolov, G., O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P., Chizzola, V., Saglamer, G., Tan, M. and Caglayan, H  (2015).  Handbook: Gender Sensitive Design of Criteria and Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Processes in Academia [online].  Available at: www.festa-europa.eu.

Schnaas, U., O’Hagan, C. Aye, M., Bausch, S., Perini, A., Ferri, D., Topuzova, I., Apostolov, G., Myers, E. S. and Baisner, L. (2016) Toolkit: Gender sensitive PhD Supervision: Supervisors Toolkit. [online] Available at http://www.festa-europa.eu/public/62-toolkit-gender-sensitive-phd-supervision

Salminen, M., Baisner, L., O’Hagan, C., Aye, M., Topuzova, I. Mich, O. Saglamer, G. (2016) The FESTA Handbook of Organizational Change: Implementing gender equality in higher education and research institutions. [online]  Available at: www.festa-europa.eu.

Saglamer, G., Tan, M., Caglayan, H., O’Hagan, C., O’Connor, P. Richardson, I., Conci, M., Mich, O., Baisner, L., Myers, E.S., Aye, M., Bausch, S., Almgren, N., Salminen, M., Apostolov, G., and Topuzova, I. (2016) Handbook on Resistance to Gender Equality in Academia. [online] Available at: http://www.resge.eu

Book Reviews

O’Hagan, C. (2013)  ‘New managerialsim in higher education in Ireland’ By Kathleen Lynch, Bernie Grummell and Dympna Devine.   FWSA Newsletter, February, 2013.

O’Hagan, C. (2012) ‘Parenting out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times’ by Margaret K Nelson.  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement.  2 (2): 292-294.


Invited Lectures

Ballyhoura Development Leader Programme.  ‘Challenges and remedies for Working mothers in Ireland’ 2 March 2016.

University College Cork. Women in Leadership and ‘Working Mothers’ in Ireland.  11 May, 2015.

University College Dublin.  Complex Inequality and Working Mothers in Ireland.  22 April, 2015.

Invited Workshops

Uppsala University, Sweden.  Strategic career management – professional networking and visibility workshop.  8 June 2016.

United Technologies Research Corporation.  ‘Recruiting and retaining women in engineering research for 21st Century’  5 June, 2015.

Gender Summit Brussels.  Overcoming Resistance to gendered organizational change’ 1 July 2014.

Research Supervision

Areas of Interest for future Supervision role
  • Equality
  • Gender
  • Women’s Employment
  • Motherhood
  • Human Resources
  • Organisation Behaviour
  • Intersectionality
  • Care Work and Feminism

Engagement and Collaboration

I worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher /Project Manager on EU FP7 project Female Empowerment in Science and Technology in Academia (FESTA) from 2012 to 2017. This project involved seven European Research Performing Organisations in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Ireland with a budget of €4.2M.

I am currently working on a proposal (for the European Women Rector’s Association, Brussels) for funding under H2020-swafs-2018-2020 to develop and implement gender equality plans in eight research performing organisations in seven European countries.