Dr Brian O'Rourke



Department of Science & Health, Carlow Campus
e: orourkeb@setu.ie | t: 059 9173347

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Research Interests

  • Use of microemulsions and other novel delivery systems as replacements for organic solvents in industrial processes.
  • Pharmaceutical formulation/compounding.
  • Use of tensiography as qualitative and quantitative tool in laboratory analysis.


Other Research Outputs

Optical monitoring of proteins at solid surfaces, G. Dunne, L. McConnell, R. Miller, N.D. McMillan, B. O’Rourke and C.I. Mitchell, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 5824, p.199-204, 2005.

Optical studies into the SPLITS effect: New insights into controlling sampling errors in turbid solutions for analytical instruments, A.C. Bertho, D.D.G. McMillan, N.D. McMillan, S.R.P. Smith and B. O’Rourke, Proc. SPIE Vol. 5826, p. 99-109.

G. Dunne, L McDonnell, R. Miller, N.D. McMillan, B O Rourke and C.I. Mitchell, Optical monitoring of proteins at solid interfaces, , Opto Ireland 05

Tensiographic drop volume methods for characterising of alcohols and bifunctional liquids, D. Morrin, N.D. McMillan, K. Beverley, M. O’Neill, B. O’Rourke, G. Dunne, A. Augousti, J. Mason, F. Murtagh and M. Köküer, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 5826, p. 670-678, 2005.


Microemulsions: Application Number 8700174 (Belgium) (Bourke, O’Rourke & Singleton; 3 Feb., 1978)

Dispersible Emollient Gels: Application Number 8700824 (Belgium) (O’Rourke & Singleton; 24 July, 1987)

Perfuming Compositions: Application Number 92810733.3 (Switz.) (O’Rourke; 29 Sept., 1992)

Fragrance Formulations: Application Number 93810635.8 (Switz.) (O’Rourke, 22 Oct., 1993)

Research Supervision

Current Research Students
  • Stephanie Coakley; Title: Spectral and chemical properties of the invasive species Impatiens glandulifera. Relevance for its invasiveness and potential biocontrol strategy (Master)
  • Ankit Singh, Title:  Characterising lignocellulose degradation in mushroom substrate by Agaricus bisporus strains. (PhD)
Past Research Students
  • Nicole Savignac, University of Lyon, France: PhD 1991
  • Denis Morrin: PhD (2010)
  • Douglas McMillan:  PhD 2011
  • Anne-Charlotte Bertho:  PhD 2012,

Engagement and Collaboration


Mann Engineering, Wexford


Development of waste coolant treatment separation system

Premier International, Co. Cork



Cosmetic product development.

BioOne, Dublin




Emulsification and fat-consuming bacteria.

Bronze Culture, Carlow




Cosmetic product development.

Greenstar, Bray, Co. Wicklow




Treatment of domestic and building landfills

Glanbia/Westgate, Kilkenny




Preservative evaluation

Boozeberries (now Spirited Drinks Ltd., Co. Down)



Shelf-life of product