Damien Raftery


Lecturer & eLearning Development Officer

Department of Business/Teaching and Learning Centre, Carlow Campus
e: damien.raftery@setu.ie | t: 059 9175337
ORCID ID:0000-0001-8579-8717

Damien Raftery is a graduate of University College Dublin where he completed a BSc (Hons) and MSc in Mathematical Science. He has been based at the SETU Carlow since 1995 as a lecturer in the Department of Business (except for a sabbatical in 2002/2003 during which he worked for KIT elearning, Amsterdam). He has graduated with a MA in Management in Education (Waterford Institute of Technology, 2003) and a MA in Educational Studies (University of Sheffield, 2017). Since 2008, he has been partially seconded to the role of eLearning Development Officer. He has been a programme director and member of academic council, acting as chair of its Teaching, Learning & Support Services Committee (2013-2015)

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Academic and Research Interests

Research interests include learning, teaching and assessment in higher education; flipped and blended learning; quantitative literacy and mathematics/statistics education.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Murphy, M. & Raftery, D. (2020) “Tweet tweet”: evaluating applied social care student opinions of engaging with contemporary research and debate through Twitter, Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 5(1) (available: https://journal.ilta.ie/index.php/telji/article/view/55)

Raftery, D. (2018) Ubiquitous mobile use: student perspectives on using the VLE on their phone. Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 3(2) https://doi.org/10.22554/ijtel.v3i2.

Raftery, D. & Risquez, A. (2018) Engaging students through the VLE: comparing like with like using the #VLEIreland student survey. Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 3(2) https://doi.org/10.22554/ijtel.v3i2.42

Farrelly, T., Raftery, D. & Harding, N. (2018) Exploring lecturer engagement with the VLE: findings from a multi-college staff survey. Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning 3(2) https://doi.org/10.22554/ijtel.v3i2.41

Risquez, A., Raftery, D. and Costello, E. (2015), The open dataset on students’ perceptions of virtual learning environments in Ireland: Collaborating to listen to the student voice. British Journal of Educational Technology, 46: 1070–1074. doi: 10.1111/bjet.12323

O’Broin D and Raftery D (2011) ‘Using Google Docs to Support Project-based Learning’ All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (AISHE-J) 3(1) http://ojs.aishe.org/index.php/aishe-j/issue/view/3

Kavanagh, Y., & Raftery, D. (2017). Physical Physics – Learning and Assessing Light Concepts in a novel way. MRS Advances, 1-6. doi:10.1557/adv.2017.589

Y. Kavanagh, N O’Hara, R. Palmer, P. Lowe, D Raftery. (2017) ‘Physical Physics: Getting Students active in Learning Materials Science’. MRS Advances, 2(31-32), 1635-1641. doi:10.1557/adv.2017.61

Books and Book Chapters

Risquez A, McAvinia C, Raftery D, O'Riordan F, Harding N, Cosgrave R, Logan-Phelan T and Farrelly T (2013) ‘An investigation of students' experiences of using virtual learning environments : implications for academic professional development’, in: Ciara O'Farrell and Alison Farrell (editors) Emerging Issues in Higher Education III : from capacity building to sustainability Athlone, Ireland: EDIN (Educational Developers in Ireland Network) http://www.edin.ie/publications.php

Raftery D (2010) ‘Developing educational screencasts – a practitioner’s perspective’. In Donnelly, R., Harvey, J., & ORourke, K. (Eds.) Critical Design and Effective Tools for E-Learning in Higher Education: Theory into Practice. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

Conference Proceedings and Papers

Raftery, D. (2019) Active learning in the maths and stats classroom using free classroom response systems. CETL-MSOR Conference 2019, workshop, DCU, Sept 5-6

Raftery, D. (2019) Predicting: getting students hooked on maths and stats. CETL-MSOR Conference 2019, lightning talk, DCU, Sept 5-6

Farrell, E. & Raftery, D. (2019) Electronic and audio feedback: student engagement and perception. EuroSoTL19, Bilbao, June 13-14

Farrell, E. & Raftery, D. (2018) Can anybody hear me? Taking the emotion out of feedback for both the lecturer and student. EdTech 2018, practitioner presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May - 1st June

McDonnell, K., Raftery, D. & O’Brien, M. (2018) Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards as Assessment in Social Care Supervised Professional Practice. EdTech 2018, research presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May - 1st June

Brazil, D. & Raftery, D. (2018) Leveraging VLE features for Technology Enhanced Assessment of Laboratory Practicals. EdTech 2018, practitioner presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May - 1st June

Meade, C. & Raftery, D. (2018) Formative assessment as learning: engaging learners Socrative style. EdTech 2018, Gasta presentation, IT Carlow, 31st May - 1st June.

Noonan, G., Raftery, D. (2017) ‘Digitally practice what you teach’ EdTech 2017, Practitioner presentation, IT Sligo, 1st-2nd June.

McHugh, D., Raftery, D. (2017) ‘Learning from feedback: Using Padlet for First Year Business Student ePortfolios’ EdTech 2017, Practitioner presentation, IT Sligo, 1st-2nd June.

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Farrelly, T., Raftery, D., Risquez, A., McAvinia, C., Harding, N., Costello, E., O’Grady, M., Ryan, D., McSweeney, D., Logan-Phelan, T. (2015) ‘Exploring lecturer engagement with the VLE: initial findings from a multi-college survey’ EdTech 2015, research paper presentation, University of Limerick, 28th-29th May.

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Risquez A, McAvinia C, Raftery D, Harding N, Costello E, Farrelly T, O'Riordan F & Palmer M (2012) ‘Uptake and Usage of Virtual Learning Environments: Findings from a multi-institutional student usage survey’ EdTech 2012, research paper presentation, NUI Maynooth, 31 May-1 June.

Raftery D (2008) ‘Developing educational screencasts: practical tips and pedagogical issues from the chalkface’ EdTech 2008, Dundalk Institute of Technology, 22-23rd May.

Raftery D (2008) ‘Useful resources for teaching a first course in statistics from a statistical literacy perspective’ 3rd Irish Mathematics Service Teaching Conference, Waterford Institute of Technology 26-27th May

Raftery D (2006) ‘In Pursuit of Teaching Excellence: Encouraging Teaching Excellence in Higher Education’ AISHE Conference 2006, Maynooth 31st August-1st September (http://www.aishe.org/events/2005-2006/conf2006/proceedings/)

Other research outputs (selected)

Raftery, D. (2020) Enhance curiosity and learning by getting students to make predictions. Virtual Poster, eCOTS (Electronic Conference On Teaching Statistics) 2020. https://www.causeweb.org/cause/ecots/ecots20/posters/1-03

Raftery, D. (2018) Using classroom response systems to foster students' active engagement with statistics. Virtual Poster, eCOTS (Electronic Conference On Teaching Statistics) 2018. https://www.causeweb.org/cause/ecots/ecots18/posters/1-06

Kane C, Raftery D & Gormley P (2012) ‘eBRICS (NDLR LInCS Project)’ EdTech 2012, Poster, NUI Maynooth, 31 May-1 June.

Raftery D & McDonald S (2011) ‘Assessing for learning and quantitative literacy’ 18th International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM), Poster, ITT Dublin, 26-29th June

Raftery D, Fannon F & Brennan S (2011) 'FASTER (Financial Accounting eLearning Resources)' EdTech 2011, Poster, Waterford Institute of Technology, 1-2nd June

Raftery D (2009) ‘We all need to be numerati: fostering quantitative literacy in higher education’ LIN 2nd Annual Conference, poster, Athlone 15th Oct

Research Supervision

Supervision of dissertations on the MA in Teaching and Learning

Advice and professional training on quantitative research methods and data analysis to postgraduate and undergraduate researchers

Current Research Students
  • Karolyn McDonnell (2016-present) Online Discussion as Assessment in Social Care
Past Research Students
  • Miriam Monaghan (2004-2005) A Study of Information Technology usage within Irish Manufacturing SME’s in the South East
  • Brendan Lynch (2007-2008) A study of the social factors which impinge on the ability of physically disabled students to attend a third level college and their lifestyle within
Areas of interest as a supervisor include
  • Learning
  • Teaching and assessment in higher education,
  • Flipped and blended learning (including technology-enhanced learning,
  • Online learning, screencasting and gamification),
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Mathematics/statistics education

Engagement and Collaboration

Member of the Irish Learning Technology Association, including founding committee member and treasurer, conference reviewer, and EdTech conference hosting committee 2018 and 2002.