Dr Susan Flynn


Director of EduCORE

Department of Humanities

e: susan.flynn@itcarlow.ie      t: 059 917000

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2141-5881

Dr Susan Flynn is Director of eduCORE, the Institute of Technology's centre for excellence in educational research. eduCORE supports the diverse breadth of scholarly inquiry and practice across the Institute, while continually reflecting on our provision to meet the needs of socio-cultural and educational change in Ireland and beyond. It aims to strengthen the teaching-research nexus, the dissemination of research output and the continuing professional development of all staff. In the consolidation of the Institute’s educational research, eduCORE seeks to develop an inclusive and collaborative space for all researchers and faculty.

Dr Flynn completed a PhD in Equality Studies at UCD which focussed on equality, abilities and biotechnical optimization. Using Foucauldian theory of professionalization, this work critiqued the compulsory optimization of the differently abled body in contemporary culture.

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Research Interests

Dr. Flynn’s research is focussed on equality, access, pedagogy and digital culture. Her work critiques the uses/inequalities of digital technologies and the tensions they may produce. She is particularly interested in inclusive practice and the affective realm in education. Published work has included critiques of various forms of learning, rights, ethics, ableism and ideologies. She has written extensively on the notion of digital bias in an unequal world, particularly in terms of differing abilities. She has co-edited three collections on surveillance culture with Palgrave Macmillan, and has two further collections on screen culture currently in press with McFarland &Co.

Dr. Flynn is currently working on a new interdisciplinary collection, with a number of international academics, which critiques the rhetoric of ‘smart’ cities.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

‘Creative Pedagogy through Digital Publishing: a case study’ with Hall, F. Spark UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal (2019) Vol 4 (2).

 ‘The Future is Fixable’ MOSF Journal of Science Fiction (2019) Vol 3 (2).

Mar Adentro: Haunting Ability, Masculinity, and Human Rights’ Kome: International Journal of Communication Enquiry (2019) Vol 7 (1).

Editorial: ‘Troubled Identity and the Continuing Relevance of Cultural Studies’.

A Special Edition of The Apollonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (2017).

‘Ex Machina: Possessing and Repossessing the Body.’ Ethos: A Digital Review of Arts, Humanities and Public Ethics (2017) Vol 3.

Editorial: ‘Migration, Transnationalism and the Cultural Logic of Global Identity’

A Special Edition of the American, British and Canadian Studies Journal (2016).

‘The Creative Debut: privileging student voice.’ Spark UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal (2016) Vol 1 (2).

‘Ambiguous Bodies, Biopower and the Ideologies of Science Fiction.’ A/R/T Analyses, Rereadings, Theories Journal (2016) Vol 6.

 ‘New Poetics of the Film Body: Docility, Molecular Fundamentalism and Twenty First Century Destiny.’ American, British and Canadian Studies Journal, (2015) Vol 24.

‘Considerations on the Film Industry; Equality, Culture and Representation.’ Considering Disability Journal (2015) Vol 1.

‘Review: “Practices of Selfhood.American British Canadian Studies Journal (2015) Vol 25.

 ‘Avatar’s Dream.’ International Scientific Journal: Film and Media Studies (2013) Vol 1.

Books and Book Chapters


Screen Bodies in the Digital Age (forthcoming, 2020) New York: Mc Farland.

Surveilling America On Screen (forthcoming, 2019) New York: McFarland.

Northern Lights Film and Media Studies Yearbook (2019) London: Intellect.

Surveillance, Architecture and Control: Discourses on Spatial Culture (2019) London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Surveillance, Race, Culture (2018) London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Spaces of Surveillance: States and Selves (2017) London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book Chapters

‘Race, Cells and the Oprah Effect: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ in Surveillance, Race, Culture (2018) Flynn, S. & Mackay, A. (eds). London: Palgrave Macmillan.

‘Secret Selves and the Graph Diaspora’ in Spaces of Surveillance: States and Selves (2017) Flynn, S. & Mackay, A. (eds). London: Palgrave Macmillan.

‘Get Your Legs Back: Avatar and the Re-Booting of American Individualism’ in Cultures of Representation: Disability in World Cinema Contexts. (2016) Fraser, B. (ed). New York: Columbia University Press.

Conference Proceedings and Papers

Digitally Enhanced Learning Conference, York University, Toronto. 20th-22nd September, 2018 Title: The Other Voices Project: Digital Narratives in Conversation

MeCCSA Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference, London South Bank University. 10th-12th January 2018 Title: Surveillance, Race, Culture

British Association of American Studies International Conference, Queens University Belfast. 9-11th April, 2016 Title: Spaces of Surveillance, States and Selves

Irish Association of American Studies Conference, Trinity College, Dublin. 24-25 April, 2015 Title: Teaching Foucault and the Future

Disability Studies International Conference, Lancaster University. 9th-11th September, 2014 Title: Teaching (Dis)Ability: Lessons from Screen Culture

Disability Studies International Conference, Amsterdam.  31st-2nd November, 2013 Title: Avatars and Normalization; Popular Culture, Digitisation, Contemporary Life

World Film Conference, Vienna. 10th May, 2013 Title: Teaching Avatars and Digital Dreams: Visual Culture in the 21st Century

Research Supervision

Areas of interest as a supervisor: Pedagogy, Equality, Disabilities, Critical Digital Studies, Media Studies.

Engagement and Collaboration

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK
  • Research Associate of the Equality Studies Centre, University College Dublin
  • The Teaching Council
  • European Disability Research Network