Dr Brian Jackson

BA (York) PhD (Dublin)

Head of Postgraduate Studies
  • Research Interests
  • Publications
  • Research Supervision

Research Interests

  • Institutional, structural and cultural development of religious corporations;
  • The influence of the regular clergy and Irish members of religious orders on the development of Catholic religious and social culture during the Counter Reformation period in Ireland and Europe;
  • Early modern Irish clerical intellectual culture;
  • The development and dynamics of Irish clerical diaspora communities.

Outside of the HE sector, I have over twenty years of project management, change management and commercial management experience across a range of industries.

Research Awards and Funding

2015:   CCI Paris Research Fellowship (Summer 2015)

2009:   $50,000 Donald and Marion Keogh Foundation

2008:   €2.6 million PRTLI Cycle 4



‘Henry Fitzsimon, the Irish Jesuits and Catholic identity in the early modern period’ in Oliver Rafferty (ed.) Irish Catholic Identites, (Manchester, 2013).

“Sectarianism: Division and Dissent in Irish Catholicism” in The Origins of Sectarianism in Early Modern Ireland, Alan Ford and John McCafferty (eds.) (Cambridge, 2005, 2012).

“The construction of argument: Henry Fitzsimon, John Rider and religious controversy in Dublin, 1599-1614” in British Interventions in Irish History, Ciaran Brady and Jane Ohlmeyer (eds.) (Cambridge, 2005, 2010).

“The Calendars of State Papers in Context” in Unlocking Government Archives of the Early Modern Period, A J Veenendaal and J Roelevink (eds.), pp 25 – 41, (The Hague, 1995).

Tax and Business Decisions: A Handbook of Tax Planning Opportunities, Tadgh O’Donoghue (ed.), (Dublin 1989).  I contributed 5 chapters.

Various review articles, principally in “Irish Historical Studies”.



I am currently working on two related projects, an intellectual biography of the Irish Jesuit writer Henry Fitzsimon and I am also preparing an edition of two unpublished works by Fitzsimon for the Irish Manuscripts Commission.

Public and Guest Lectures, Conference Presentations & Seminars


“Postcards from Buenos Aires: An Irishman in Argentina 1907-1910” Society for Irish Latin American Studies Conference, UCC (Jun. 2015)

‘Merchants, Missionaries and the Marine’;
UCC Maritime History Conference (Nov 2014).

‘Irish Diaspora Communities in Argentina’;
ISAANZ Conference, UNSW Sydney (Dec. 2013).

‘Appropriation of the past: Religious discourse and the development of Controversial Literature in Ireland’;
Mícheál Ó Cléirigh Institute for the Study of Irish History and Civilisation, UCD (Apr. 2013).

‘Early Modern Ireland and Taiwan in comparative perspective’;
LSE (Mar. 2013).

‘Schism and Sexuality: Private lives, public innuendo and the gendered politics of the Reformation’; Humanities Institute of Ireland Symposium on Autobiographical Expression (Dec 2011).

 ‘An Absence of Strategy? An historical comparison of attitudes and approaches of the Italian and Irish states to their respective diaspora populations’;
Clinton Institute of American Studies UCD, Public Symposium on Diaspora Strategies (Sept. 2011).

‘The State of Irish Studies: Small Islands: Big Issues’
Joint UCD/ LSE Symposium on Comparative approaches to Ireland and Taiwan, (Sept. 2011) I organised the symposium.

 ‘Writing History in conformity with Modern Criticism: Denis Murphy, Edmund Hogan and Approaches to Nineteenth Century Irish Jesuit Historiography’;
UCC Conference on Metahistory (May 2011).

 ‘A Text in Context: Henry Fitzsimon’s “Revelation or Apocalypse’’’;
UCC (May 2010).

 ‘Varieties of Uniformity within Counter Reformation Catholicism’;
Moore Institute, NUI Galway (March 2010).

 ‘Purification, Consolation or Commemoration, shifting perspectives on death and the afterlife in Irish Counter Reformation Catholicism’;
UCD Public Lecture Series on Death, Burial and the Afterlife (January 2010).

‘Christopher Cusack and the Foundation of the Irish College Douai’;
Louvain Summer School: Micheál O’Cléirigh Institute UCD/ KUL Louvain (May 2007).

Research Supervision

Over six years experience of supervising, managing and directing a large scale, multi-disciplinary research programme (12 PhD postgraduates and 12 Post-Doctoral research fellows).