Dr Andrew T Lloyd


Lecturer in Science and Health

Science and Health Faculty, Carlow Campus

e: Andrew.lloyd@setu.ie      t: 059 9175518

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9989-7652     LinkedIn

Formerly Director of the Irish National Centre for Bioinformatics INCBI,  Dr Lloyd has spent the last 25 years staring at biological sequences – DNA and proteins – to make sense of their evolution. Early work in software development for high throughput analysis of protein coding DNA sequences grew into whole genome analysis investigating the constraints imposed by genomic location on gene expression. Whole genome analysis, including Next Generation Sequence data, focussed on novel gene discovery particularly in genes related to the innate immune response.  Numerous antimicrobial peptides and an avian specific toll-like receptor TLR15 were among those discoveries.

Collaborations in SETU Carlow have led to in interest in hydrogeology; in particular the distribution of metal ions in groundwater, surface water, soils and plants. This is creating a map of the invisible chemical world beneath the skin of County Carlow.  This is an important benchmark against which to set the imminent mining of Mt Leinster for lithium-rich minerals.

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Research Interests

In the mid 1990s, as Director of the Irish National Centre for BioInformatics, Dr Lloyd developed, with assistance from Aoife McLysaght, a post-graduate course and self-teach manual called Aoife’s Bioinformatics Course. That served as the first introduction to the field of sequence analysis and molecular evolution for several hundred students across the whole island of Ireland. Many dozen students from Norway, Finland, South Africa and Turkey also took this course. Since starting in SETU Carlow in 2013, the exigencies of the service have required him to teach Human Physiology; Environmental Chemistry; Food Microbiology; Genetics; Analytical Chemistry; Food Process Manufacturing; Biochemistry; Instrumentation and Computing; Molecular Biology; Cell Biology; Quantitative Methods, Research Methods. Dr Lloyd has supervised more than 50 final year research projects in molecular evolution and bioinformatics.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Postgraduate student



Genomics, gene discovery


David Lynn



Genome analysis


Paul Cormican



Water chemistry


Lar Kavanagh





Mary Fitzpatrick



Engagement and Collaboration

Co-Founder of the Wexford Science Café which has met once a month since February 2015 to discuss science in its widest possible definition in an informal setting. We have talked about Alzheimer’s,  cider, compost toilets, engineering disasters, generic drugs, the moon, organic  agriculture, pheromones, plate tectonics, radon, Erwin Schrodinger, semi-conductors, vaccination.  This has built up a strong mutual support network of local scientists who live a long way from the nearest university; and has resulted in several fruitful collaborations and at least one job.