Dr Dina Brazil

BEng MEngSc
BA (Mod) Genetics
PhD in Microbiology
Senior Lecturer Department of Science & Health

e: dina.brazil@itcarlow.ie t: 059 915553
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Following her PhD thesis on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance plasmids in fish pathogens  Dr Dina Brazil worked as a post doctoral scientist at the Technical University Braunschweig in Germany, the University Medical Centre at the University of Geneva , Switzerland and at the Department of Microbiology, University College Cork. Her research interests are in the area of the manipulation, detection and survival of important indicator organisms in natural systems. This includes the detection of herbicide resistant Pseudomonas sp from soils, antibiotic resistant coliforms from aquatic systems , and  the effect of skin care products on skin microflora . Dr Brazil has collaborated with Irish Skin Care Products in the development of two enhanced skin care products.

Dr Dina Brazil is a member of the Biotechnological and Molecular Environmental Sciences Research group at the Department of Science and Health . Her current interest is in the survival of indicators of faecal contamination in integrated wetlands in collaboration with Dr David Dowling and Mr Jer Keohane (GES Ltd)
Dr Brazil is interested in the role of Transformational Quality in Higher Education in Ireland especially in the development and enhancement of Postgraduate Education in the Institutes of Technology Sector. She is an active member of the Postgraduate Research Programme Board of the Department of Science and Health and of the Research and Development Sub Committee of Academic Council.