The National Centre for Men’s Health

The aim of the National Centre for Men’s Health (NCMH) is to develop innovative and applied research programmes in the area of men’s health through the development of partnerships with key stakeholders. In doing so, the Centre seeks to raise the public profile of men's health issues, and to contribute to effective and gender-competent policy and practice in men’s health in Ireland.

The specific objectives of the Centre are to:

  • Establish baseline measures across different aspects of men’s health that can be monitored to evaluate changes in men’s health status over time.
  • Broaden the research base and increase the level of post-graduate research in men’s health.
  • Promote an increased focus on gendered and multi-disciplinary approaches to men’s health research.
  • Review on an ongoing basis the implications of research findings (both national and international) for both policy and practice.
  • Develop appropriate filtering mechanisms to disseminate national and international research findings on men’s health to practitioners working on the ground.
  • Liaise with other academic institutions to promote an increased focus on men’s health in relevant undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Develop training protocols and training courses in men’s health, that are tailored to the needs of those working in the health and allied health professions, and that offer a range of innovative methodologies.
  • Support practitioners with the ongoing evaluation of men’s health initiatives on the ground.
  • Develop and maintain links with international men’s health research.


Kevin Humphreys TD Kevin Humphreys TD, Minister of State at Department of Social Protection, launched the publication of a new toolkit “Engaging Men as Partners & Participants: Guiding Principles, Strategies, and Perspectives for Community Initiatives & Holistic Partnerships” based on  Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme (MHWP) – a community-based health promotion programme for unemployed men in one of Dublin’s inner-city communities. 

The toolkit builds upon previous external evaluations of the programme and operationalises key findings from the study into strategies, lessons learned, and useful tips in order to promote promising practices in community health promotion work with men. This toolkit provides a valuable roadmap to practitioners everywhere on how to effectively engage with so called 'hard to reach' groups of men.  

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