eduCORE is the Institute of Technology Carlow’s research centre for educational research. It aims to strengthen the teaching-research nexus, the dissemination of research output and the continuing professional development of all staff. In the consolidation of the Institute’s educational research, eduCORE seeks to develop an inclusive and collaborative space for all researchers and faculty. Working closely with the Teaching and Learning Center, eduCORE supports the diverse breadth of scholarly inquiry and practice, while continually reflecting on our provision to meet the needs of demographic, socio-cultural and educational change in Ireland and beyond.

eduCORE’s specific aims are:

  • To foster a dynamic cross-disciplinary culture with staff and postgraduate students
  • To support communities of practice in educational scholarship and beyond
  • To enhance the educational experience of all students
  • To consolidate educational research across the Institute
  • To encourage reflective practice and a sense of curiosity amongst all practitioners and researchers
  • To create opportunities to support the dissemination of educational research output
  • To cultivate a truly inlcusive and diverse research culture throughout the Institute