Practical Workshops

Sports Performance Workshop  

Venue: Barrow Centre
Presenter: Declan Browne
Title: Combining practical applications of velocity based training with cluster set methods to maximise strength and power development in athletes.

Cluster set training is a novel method of resistance training incorporating intra-set rest periods as opposed to the more commonly prescribed inter-set rest interval.

This workshop will demonstrate the practical applications of firstly using cluster training methods to manipulate training volume. Secondly, using velocity based technology in tandem to induce specific training adaptations. It is anticipated the delegates will gain critical theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be readily implemented with their athletes.

Biography: Declan is currently the program director for the MSc in Strength & Conditioning programme at IT Carlow as well as a lecturer on the undergraduate programs in the department.

Declan holds an MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology.
Along with this he is a certified strength & conditioning coach through the UKSCA, NSCA- CSCS and the IAWLA.
His research interests include power development and the physiological demands of field sport athletes.

Declan has previously been the strength and conditioning coach to the Irish U-19 rugby team and completed his internship with Leinster rugby where he had a significant involvement in the planning and preparation of elite rugby players. He has extensive experience working with players and athletes from a variety if sports such as GAA, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Athletics.  He is also the head of sport science with Kilmacud Crokes Hurling and responsible for the athletic development of all athletes.

Injury and Rehabilitation Workshop

Venue: Barrow centre
Presenter: Eamonn Delahunt
Title: The Doha agreement meeting on definitions and terminology in groin pain in athletes; a clinical perspective. 

Groin pain is prevalent in athletes who participate in field sports. Heterogeneous taxonomy of groin injuries in athletes is problematic. The "Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes" was convened (November 2014) to attempt to resolve this problem. Dr. Delahunt contributed to this agreement meeting and in this workshop will present the clinical aspects of the agreement and offer attendees an opportunity to practice and discuss.

Biography: Dr. Eamonn Delahunt is an Associate Professor in the University College Dublin School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. He graduated with a first class honours BSc (Physiotherapy) in 2003. Upon graduation he was the first-ever physiotherapist to receive Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology postgraduate research scholarship. He completed his PhD in the minimum time required graduating in 2006.               

Dr. Delahunt is committed to the philosophy of the protection of athlete health and the prevention of illnesses and injuries in sport. He has published more than 85 peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Delahunt has an active research group, including 9 PhD students and 3 research MSc students. Dr. Delahunt has extensive clinical experience in the area of sports physiotherapy and is a Specialist Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. 

Physical Activity and Physical Education Workshop

Venue: Barrow Centre
Presenter:  Damien Sheehan
Title: S.T.E.P Start : Future health and fitness for children

The workshop will consist of a brief overview of the STEP START afterschool programme for children at IT Carlow which focus on:

  • Fun, engaging and challenging warm-up activities and games
  • Age appropriate exercises with either regression or progression focusing on strength, power, plyometric, speed, agility, balance, coordination in a fun environment
  • Examples of games / obstacle courses will be demonstrated
  • Age appropriate fitness testing measures for children.

Participants in this workshop will be introduced to practical tips on how to incorporate age appropriate strength based exercises into a physical education class.  Interactive discussion on the importance of strength and its relationship with FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and fitness testing measures will be a theme of the workshop.

Biography: Damien Sheehan BSc, PG Dip, ARTC, CSCS*D is the Programme Director for BSc in Sport Science and lecturers on number of modules in paediatric strength and conditioning and applied strength and reconditioning at the Institute of Technology, Carlow. He has presented at FSEM conferences in Dublin 2014 and The Symposium on Strength and Conditioning Training on children and adolescents in Portugal 2015. He was co-author on the paper published in Strength and Conditioning Journal 2013 “The Role of the Paediatric Exercise Specialist in Treating Exercise Deficit Disorder in Youth”.  Damien was the sport performance coach to the very successful Junior Karate Irish team at the World Karate Championship in Italy 2013. He is the Clinical & Performance Director at Carlow Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Centre and has worked with numerous of teams and sports of all ages in Carlow and surrounding counties for the last 15yrs. His research interests are in injury prevention, athlete recovery and paediatric exercise.