Dr Patricia Mulcahy Appointed as President of IT Carlow


Dr Patricia Mulcahy, who has held the post of Head of Development at the Institute for the past 12 years, has been appointed as President of the Institute of Technology Carlow.  The appointment is effective from Friday, 27th January.

From Carlow, Dr Mulcahy attended Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal and Presentation College in the town before studying Science at IT Carlow and attaining her Degree and PhD in Biochemistry at NUI Galway.  Following research positions with BioResearch Ireland at NUI Galway and Dublin City University, Dr Mulcahy returned to IT Carlow, first as a lecturer in biotechnology, and then subsequently as Head of Department and Head of Development.  She maintains a strong presence in the field of bioscience research and has been widely published.

Dr Mulcahy’s appointment comes as IT Carlow enters a pivotal and formative stage in its development.  In addition to an on-going capital development programme, which will add a new Research and Development Centre to the campus in 2012, the Institute is currently ramping up its academic provision, applied research activities and enterprise supports, as well as positioning itself as a substantial player in the ongoing negotiations for a multi-campus Technological University of the South East in line with the Programme for Government.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr John Moore, Chairman of the Governing Body of IT Carlow said “The Governing Body is delighted to confirm that it has ratified the appointment of Dr Patricia Mulcahy to the role of President of the Institute.  We are sure all staff and students will join us in welcoming her to the role. The President’s office will, over the next year, oversee decisive progress towards the establishment of a multi-campus Technological University of the South East.  The Governing Body commit to working hard to support the President in every way as she takes the reins of this exciting project”.

Dr Mulcahy adds “IT Carlow has increased its provision and reputation year on year since its establishment. At the heart of our success is our focus on academic achievement within the strong and supportive environment provided by our dedicated and welcoming staff.  This will remain a priority as we progress our plans for the establishment of a multi-campus Technological University of the South East incorporating the Institutes of Technology in the South East Region.  This new type of University will further emphasise the practical and applied approach to education and research that has been the cornerstone of the Institute of Technology Sector to-date, while also building on additional important elements that will enhance the flexibility and employability of graduates both nationally and internationally.  The new type of Technological University envisaged will also be designed to considerably enhance its supports for indigenous enterprises, the creation of new high-potential start-up companies and the attractiveness of the region for future foreign direct investment.  I thank the Governing Body of IT Carlow for my appointment and look forward to the possibilities and challenges ahead.”

The appointment comes as the Higher Education Authority of Ireland prepares to publish the criteria for Technological University designation.  Once the criteria are published, the South East Institutes of Technology will then proceed with their plans to increase their collective capacity and performance in line with the published criteria.  Ultimately, their joint application for multi-campus Technological University status will be subject to independent expert review.  “We do not underestimate the work and challenges ahead as we progress towards this goal,” says Dr Mulcahy, “the opportunity to learn and further develop from national and international expert feedback through robust peer review processes is welcomed by us as we embark on this path.”

Photo:  Dr Patricia Mulcahy (President of IT Carlow) and Mr John Moore (Chairman of the Governing Body of IT Carlow) at the recent opening of the new Barrow Student Services Centre at IT Carlow