IT Carlow announces new Sensory Room for Neurodiverse Students


Institute of Technology Carlow is excited to announce the completion of a new sensory room for neurodiverse students. The space is a designated area where neurodiverse students can retreat if they want to stim or are feeling overstimulated through the use of special lighting, music and objects. It is designed to aid in a student’s key life skills, particularly their self-organisation and sensory management.

Aisling McHugh, Access Office at IT Carlow stated “this dedicated safe space is a very welcome addition to the existing supports offered to our students and recognises the diverse needs of our student body”.

The sensory room is located in Student Services department in the Barrow Centre with one student already describing it as “a really impressive, visually appealing, quiet and relaxing space, which helped clear my head”. 

This strategic initiative was supported by funding from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) under the Fund for Students with Disabilities (FSD).

For booking details please contact Student Services on