Important Information - Students Return to Campus

10/09/2020 15:18:00

Timetables for Term 1 for all programmes are now available on Our campus classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, studios and workshops will be fully utilised to deliver on campus a significant proportion of your class contact hours. The period of time you spend on campus will vary by programme and by year.  

We are excited about our hybrid learning model that will offer a new way of learning in a way that will enhance and develop your digital skills and prepare you for a world of work that is changing rapidly. You should watch our hybrid learning video on our Return-to-Campus 2020 webpage to give you a flavour of what to expect.  

We want your year to be rich and fun and not overly screen based. We have always prided ourselves on our student services and our clubs and societies. 

Clubs and societies have always been an essential part of the college experience. It's where you form lifelong friendships and discover what you are really capable of. So we are making a huge additional effort to provide opportunities for students to meet new friends and to enjoy their sports and their hobbies in a way that is safe. At your on-campus orientation you will have a chance to discover what will be available this year. We expect the majority of our clubs and societies to be available to you this year. We are opening our new south sports campus this autumn and that will give us a lot of additional space to get outdoors to exercise and relax. 

A broad range of student services will be available to you including our Health Centre and Career Development Centre, as well as our services for students with additional needs or students seeking financial advice. Our library is open and will continue to offer extensive library services. Our online services are available 24/7 and library staff are available to help with all your queries. You will need to reserve access to the library for study and research purposes and our lending services will be on a 'click and collect' basis. Please check the Return-to-Library 2020 guide

To answer some of your questions and to help you settle into college life we have developed the IT Carlow Student Info 101 app. 

Our timetables are in accordance with the Department of Further and Higher Education Research Innovation and Science COVID guidelines available on our Physical distancing is an important part of the country's delay strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to limit transmission of the virus. In that context, your course timetable and your time spent on campus is primarily based on physical distancing of 2 metres being maintained. Where this is not possible, additional measures have been put in place. 

High numbers of staff and students will move across our campuses during the course of a normal day. In that context and from a practical point of view, there may be areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained or where individuals may be occupying an enclosed indoor space with others. We are strongly advising that face coverings be worn where it is difficult to practice physical distancing. This may include our c01Tidors and circulation areas, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, faculty and other offices, the Learning Resource Centre, the Central Services Building and restaurant areas. 

The health and safety of all our community remains the primary objective. Your timetables are anchored in national public health advice. We have been working hard since March in preparation for you coming to Institute of Technology Carlow this term. We look forward to welcoming you on campus and trust you will have a safe, happy and rewarding time. 

David Denieffe
Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Registrar