IT Carlow and Family Carers Ireland to deliver the Certificate in Family Caring via blended learning in response to COVID19


Family Carers Ireland and Institute of Technology Carlow have announced they will deliver their collaborative Certificate in Family Caring via blended learning for the rest of this year in order to support family carers during the COVID-19 restrictions. The course, which was launched in November 2019, provides family carers with the skills they need to care safely and confidently for a loved one at home.

Four Certificate in Family Caring courses were delivered prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in Bray, Limerick, Newbridge and Cork, and a further five courses are scheduled for later this year using blended learning.

Delivered through Institute of Technology Carlow’s Faculty of Lifelong Learning, the Level 6 special purpose award helps participants develop practical care skills, design a person-centred care plan and enhance their skills in communicating effectively with other professionals to meet the needs of their family member or friend.

In line with the ethos of lifelong learning, participating family carers are empowered to engage in third-level education, giving them renewed confidence in themselves, their skills and their knowledge. The initiative is funded through the Dormant Accounts Fund, administered by Pobal.

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Carer Engagement, Family Carers Ireland commented, “We are really pleased to be able to continue this training to family carers with the support of the Institute of Technology Carlow using technology and online supports. Now more than ever, we are witnessing the challenges that many family carers face in their caring roles and this programme builds upon the skills they already have to ensure they can care safely and confidently for their loved ones at home”.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with Family Carers Ireland in order to deliver the Certificate in Family Caring. The programme was developed in order to recognise the valuable role family carers play in the lives of their loved ones whilst formalising their skills in the area of caring. The first four Certificate programmes were delivered prior to the pandemic restrictions and we are delighted we can fulfil our commitment using blended learning”, commented Lindsay Malone, Deputy Head of Faculty of Lifelong Learning, Institute of Technology Carlow.

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