Institute of Technology Carlow Statement on Equity of Assessment

10/04/2020 14:39:00
As set out in communications to you, our students, to date, Institute of Technology Carlow continues to support you with alternative modes of assessment and processes necessitated by the Coronavirus public health pandemic. In providing this support, the commitment of the Institute is that the standard and integrity of your awards will be maintained.
You are expected to undertake the alternative assessment just as you would have sat the exams that were planned before the COVID-19 pandemic. 
However, Institute of Technology Carlow recognises that students face exceptional circumstances as they approach these final elements of assessment. We strive to ensure that no student will be disadvantaged or unnecessarily delayed as a result of the alternative assessment strategy.
We will ensure that our decision-making process around your progression into next year or your award outcome will take into account the disruption occasioned by Covid-19. Examination Boards are empowered to evaluate final assessment elements in the context of overall performance and students can be assured that accommodation will be allowed for the alternate mode of the final assessment where relevant. 
We are keenly aware of the needs of disadvantaged and potentially vulnerable students and the potential of increased disadvantage and additional competing demands at this time.  Examination Boards will be informed by other institutional offices to ensure that all such information is tabled for consideration.  
The purpose of assessment remains consistent.  It is intended to enable students to demonstrate what they have learned, and that they have met their programme’s learning outcomes. 
This approach regarding the equity of assessment at Institute of Technology Carlow has been developed and supported through continuous partnership with your Students' Union.
We wish you well in your studies and hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe at this time.