Kilkenny Senior Hurlers Welcome St. Kieran’s College Students to Institute of Technology Carlow


Kilkenny Senior Hurlers Richie Leahy, Jason Cleere and Liam Blanchfield last week welcomed students from their alma mater, St. Kieran’s college, to Institute of Technology Carlow to hear about careers options in Sports Science and Sports Management & Coaching.

30 TY and 5th year students from St. Kieran’s College were greeted by the three Kilkenny hurlers and Laois senior hurler Enda Rowland – all current students at Institute of Technology Carlow – who talked to the St. Kieran’s College guests about career opportunities and their own experience of Institute of Technology Carlow as their college of choice. The students were also brought them on a tour of the campus, took part in a took part in a fun sports skills event and even indulged in a spot of laughter yoga!

The day was organised by IT Carlow Schools Liaison Officer Alison Moore and Waterford Senior Hurler Colin Dunford, who works at IT Carlow’s Schools Liaison Office.

Head of Sport for IT Carlow, Donal McNally gave a presentation on the IT Carlow sports scholarships programme & High Performance Entry Scheme. The students then completed various tests in the sports science lab, including sprints, countermovement jumps (CMJs), reaction speed and were shown how a submaximal vo2 works.

One of the highlights of the day was a lively Q&A session with Richie Leahy, Jason Cleere, Liam Blanchfield (all graduates of St. Kieran) & Enda Rowland about college life at IT Carlow and, in particular, studying Sports Science and Sports Management and Coaching. And there was plenty of laugher and no end of smart quips amongst the senior hurlers throughout the session!

“A student’s choice of higher education institution and programme of study are two very important decisions. If days like this can assist students in any way, then we are delighted to help.  I would like to thanks St Kieran’s College for working with us to arrange this visit; it was great that the students had such a fun and informative day”, commented Alison Moore, Schools Liaison Officer, Institute of Technology Carlow.

Pictured front from left: Senior Hurlers Richie Leahy, Enda Rowland (Laois), Jason Cleere & Liam Blanchfield play hosts to St. Kieran’s College students at the recent visit to Institute of Technology Carlow where they are all students second picture: Kilkenny Senior Hurler Richie Leahy with a St. Kieran’s College student, pictured at IT Carlow.