‘Student Health Matters’ App and Interactive eBook (ISHA)


‘Student Health Matters’ App and Interactive eBook (ISHA)The Irish Student Health Association (ISHA) has announced that IT Carlow students may access a new ‘Student Health Matters’ App and Interactive eBook from tomorrow that provides students with access to reliable and relevant health information in one place, at the touch of a button. 

The “Student Health Matters” new App and Interactive Health Guide provides students with easy access to information on how to stay healthy during their college years and where to get support when they need it. The content, based on Irish healthcare information and services, was created by a team of health professionals at the Irish Student Health Association and Expert Self Care Ltd, a specialist mobile health information app developer

The start of college marks a transition period for young people and the beginning of adult life. The Student Health Matters App and Interactive eBook was developed because many students struggle with looking after their health. Mental health problems among students for example are increasingly common, and students often do not know where to access information and support. Rather than googling their health questions, which can be unreliable and confusing, students can now access trusted health information and links to many useful websites in seconds.

The ISHA App and eBook provides: links to the HSE database of over 600 medical conditions and treatments; how to spot and manage common health problems; information on sexual health, contraception and consent; how to recognise and respond to emergencies; self-care for minor illnesses; info and links on where to get medical help and advice; and contact details for health and medical services available at College Health Centres

The Irish student population continues to grow year-on-year and, with it, the demand for student health services in third-level education. There were 231,710 students in third-level education in Ireland in 2018. The ISHA App and eBook will complement the existing services provided by healthcare professionals on campuses across the country.

Click here to download the Student Health Matters E-Book

The Student Health Matters App is available for iPhone and android and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. The interactive eBook is available to access from the ISHA website, all College Health Centre websites, the USI and Student Unions. 

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You can download the Student Health Matters (ISHA) app using the links below:

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