Artists Donate Works to Institute of Technology Carlow


artists donate works to institute of technology carlowTwo artists with strong ties to Carlow each donated a work of art today to Institute of Technology Carlow.

Nuala Grogan and Jung-A Han today met with and presented their respective art works, Genius Loci 2019 and Moment 1, to David Denieffe, Registrar and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Institute of Technology Carlow. The works will go on permanent display in the Institute.

“On behalf of Institute of Technology Carlow, I thank Nuala and Jung-A for donating their beautiful and thought-provoking artworks to the Institute. Genius Loci 2019 and Moment 1 will add to the current campus art collection that includes works by other distinguished artists such as Louis Le Brocquy, Mark Redden, Julien Schnabel, Francis Bacon and Peter Monoghan, all of which inform and inspire both students and staff”, commented Mr. Denieffe.

Nuala Grogan is an Irish photographer and a member of Carlow Photographic Society. Genius Loci 2019 is inspired by Spanish photographer Iñaki Hernández and his magnificent images of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Grogan decided to photograph the various campus buildings at Institute of Technology Carlow, seeking to capture what the ancient Romans called the “genius loci”, the essence, atmosphere and nature of the Institute. She was drawn to the tall horizontal green copper column walls outside the Learning Resource Centre and the Institute’s many glass windows. The plain raw green copper horizontal represents the uninformed and the shadows from the sunlight represents enlightenment, learning, knowledge and seeing the light. Genius Loci 2019 is photographic art printed on aluminium dibond and under acrylic glass. 

Jung-A Han is a Korean visual artist, living and working in Ireland since 1999, and a graduate of the Institute of Technology Carlow, B.A. Fine Art programme in 2015. Han’s art work includes painting, photograph, film, performance and audio format, all of which explore the relationship between people and how they communicate and network with each other in the modern world. The core of Han’s art practice relates to working with members of the public exploring the question of identity and the feeling of being a hybrid of cultures with the inevitable progression and demise of individuality. Moment 1 is a large acrylic painting of Han’s early work and the first of a two-part piece. Moment 1 and Moment 2  suggest the capture of the moment within a scene and invites the viewer to imagine a type of storytelling.