designCORE duo to present seminar at McMaster University


Mr Colin Deevy, director of designCORE at Institute of Technology Carlow, and Dr. P.J. White, designCORE Research Leader will fly to Canada next week on the invitation of McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) to support development of its research culture. 

Over four days next week, the designCORE duo will engage in a four-day programme of events that includes meetings, workshops and a seminar with lead researchers from across McMaster in design-thinking for interdisciplinary research action.

At the design-led seminar entitled Incite Insight, Mr. Deevy and Dr. White will make a presentation on “The future of research is interdisciplinary”. The presentation will illustrate how a design-led approach can assist and enable better communication and provide strategies for bridging the gap between disciplines to build an interdisciplinary research culture. 

The invitation to MIRA follows a Memorandum of Understanding, signed between Institute of Technology Carlow and McMaster University in June 2017, which marked the beginning of a strong relationship between the two institutes.

Based in Ontario, McMaster University is a public research university that is home to 25,000 undergraduate and over 4,000 postgraduate students. Ranked 78th in the gTop 100 University Rankings, it is a global leader in the area of research on aging. Building on infrastructure and expertise in this area, McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) was created to stimulate and facilitate interdisciplinary research in aging, as well as to develop innovative educational programs for students within the academic and clinical realms.  The Institute’s approach is to conduct research in cross-faculty teams and engage the older adult community, their families, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders throughout every stage of the research process, from design to evaluation and implementation of interventions and technologies. 

MIRA has identified design-thinking as a means to address complexity through interdisciplinary action and the McMaster group has partnered with designCORE at Institute of Technology Carlow to assist them achieve that goal.  The rationale is to use design to support and develop a design-led culture in interdisciplinary research across all their research activities in the years ahead.

For reference: Alma Feeley, Communications Dept, Institute of Technology Carlow
Date: 15th November, 2017 E: T: 059 9175098