IT Carlow Promotes Engineering Careers through Online Media Campaign

17/01/2017 15:31:00

IT Carlow and Microelectronics Industry Design Association of Ireland (MIDAS) have teamed up to raise the awareness of career paths within the microelectronic sector in Ireland. The microelectronic sector contributes an estimated €5billion annually to the national economy and the demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) graduates to fuel this technological engine continues unabated.

Rolf Zaska, lecturer in TV & Media Production within the Department of Aerospace, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering at Institute of Technology Carlow, and Fearghal Hannaway, Publicity Chair of MIDAS and founding partner with Smart Achievement have produced a short viral video profiling the role of an applications engineer working for Analog Devices, Limerick. The debut screening took place at the recent MIDAS annual general meeting and was very well received from the audience comprising senior management from member companies.

Commenting on the production, Fearghal Hannaway explained, “The ability to capture and present a complex engineering role within a 2-3 minute screening, and explain it in such an exciting and tangible manner to a student and non-technical parental audience, is central to the aims of our campaign. Rolf's ability to take the concept from ideation through production has been outstanding. This production will be used by MIDAS as part of its online media campaign.”

“This is a very worthwhile project to be involved in. It aims to provide a sense of transparency for young people who are interested in finding out more about engineering as a career path. Robert McAdam's enthusiasm for his role as field applications engineer with Analog Devices was apparent from the moment I met him. It was my job to bring across his passion in video format. Our team was very dynamic and I was supported throughout by Institute of Technology Carlow and Fearghal Hannaway from MIDAS” said Rolf Zaska.

Commenting on the project, Dr. Donnacha Lowney, Head of Department for Aerospace, Mechanical  and Electronic Engineering at Institute of Technology noted “The diversity of roles and career pathways associated with microelectronics is somewhat surprisingly unrecognised by those outside the sector and is, in part, responsible for the dearth of engineering graduates. Whilst we have seen an increased uptake in the application numbers for STEM related programmes, Rolf and MIDAS have taken a first step in a targeted campaign to explain the opportunities to potential students and parents alike. Within our department, Rolf and colleagues in the TV & Media programmes work alongside colleagues in the engineering programmes in the formation of our students. As such, Rolf has been able to bring a unique perspective to this excellent production.”