IT Carlow and South Korea’s Dong-A University Celebrate 10-Year Partnership


IT Carlow and South Korea’s Dong-A University last week celebrated a decade of successful collaboration and the 10th anniversary of its degree programme whereby students from Dong-A can apply to study engineering (aerospace, mechanical, electrical) at IT Carlow for one year.  
Senior management from IT Carlow, including Vice-President Declan Doyle, and members of the faculties of engineering and humanities were guests at a special reception in Busan, South Korea to mark the milestone. The event was also attended by Irish Ambassador to South Korea, Her Excellency Aingeal O’Donoghue, Dong-A University President Kwon Oh-Chang, Director of Enterprise Ireland in South Korea Dianne Rhee and more than 60 alumni and members of the Irish ex-patriate community in Busan.
Dong-A University is the only private university in Greater Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. Graduates of the degree programme with IT Carlow are highly sought after by major Korean companies such as Daewoo, Hyundai, Samsung and LG Electronics
 Speaking at the event, Irish Ambassador to South Korean, Aingeal O’Donoghue,  spoke of the growing numbers of students from Korean who are choosing distinguished third-level institutions, like IT Carlow, as their education provider and praised IT Carlow’s expertise as a world-class educator in the provision of modern and relevant degree programmes in mechanical and electronic engineering, amongst others.
‘I congratulate IT Carlow and Dong-A University on the highly successful 10-year partnership which has fostered third-level education cooperation between our two countries and built enduring links between Irish and Korean young people’, said Ambassador O’Donoghue
President Dr. Kwon Oh-Chang commented, “Dong-A University has been running several degree programmes with partner institutions, but the one with I.T. Carlow has been the most exemplary,  with abundant experiences. Many of our students who participated in this programme are now achieving their dreams and working in various global corporations.”
“In my opinion, such an impressive outcome of this programme between Dong-A University and I.T. Carlow is not only the result of the students’ hard work but is also reflective of the practical engineering education provided by superb faculty members of Dong-A University and I.T. Carlow”, he concluded.