IoT Workshop to lead to a community of users among Uni and IT lecturers


IT Carlow this week hosted a very successful Internet of Things (IOT) workshop specifically designed to assist lecturers in developing their own IoT customized curricula and sharing Intel IoT existing curricula and labs. 

It’s an exciting time for the Internet of Things in Ireland, with National Geographic recently naming Dublin as “the capital for the Internet of Things”.  It is hoped that this week’s workshop will lead to the establishment of a community of users among university and institutes of technology lecturers to help develop and share new curriculum and labs for embedded systems and IoT applications.

The event was organised by Dr. Pádraig Ó Murchú, Public Affairs Group, Intel Ireland and Dr Darren Kavanagh from the School of Engineering at IT Carlow.

Attendees were shown the newest technologies in the IoT space in addition to interesting applications and industrial products. They were also introduced to IoT hardware electronics (Intel Edison, Galileo, Curie, and Quark SoC) as well as the various different software coding approaches for professional IoT development. Participants had the opportunity to work on their own choice of IoT project for project based learning and had some free coding time on the Intel Edison boards with different types of sensors and devices.

The workshop trainer was Paul Guermonprez, who is Intel’s Academic Program Manager for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. Paul’s work involves creating open courseware, organizing hackathons, software contests and installing software incubators in universities and institutes. For further details, some of this material can be accessed here: