Technological University for the South East Remains a Top Priority for IT Carlow


Minister of Education at IT CarlowA multi-campus Technological University (TU) for the southeast remains “a top priority” for IT Carlow and would “transform the southeast region in the coming decades”, according to President of IT Carlow, Dr. Patricia Mulcahy.

“The TU initiative remains a top priority for this Institute and will enable us to make a quantum leap in higher education provision, regionally and nationally”, commented Dr. Mulcahy.

Dr. Mulcahy was speaking at this evening’s conferring ceremony at IT Carlow’s Centre for Lifelong Learning where 200 graduates were conferred with Bachelor degrees, Higher Diplomas and Masters’ degrees in a range of disciplines from Fund Accounting & Credit Analysis to Teaching & Learning. The event was attended by Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan, TD.

Making the point that a multi-campus Technological University “must be of the region and for the region; not just in the region”, Dr. Mulcahy welcomed the Minister’s announcement, two days ago, of a new process to map the future of the southeast TU.

“The Minister has been unflinching in her support for this TU endeavour. We have also been tremendously encouraged by the numerous statements of support from students and staff, business and other sectors, including Government Ministers, TDs, the Department of Education and Skills and the HEA”, commented Dr. Mulcahy.

Speaking at the conferring ceremony, the Minister for Education praised IT Carlow as “an excellent example of how a higher education institution can expand and change the way it does its business to deliver innovative flexible opportunities for the community it serves”.

Minister O’Sullivan went on to say, “One of the central planks of our higher education reform is the recognition that there is strength in a unified and collaborative system. While different communicates and stakeholders have different demands, strong alliances between high education institutions as engaged partners will collectively deliver high quality opportunities for their regions. That is why I am so strongly committed to the development and enhancement of the technological sector in this country. In recent days I have reiterated my belief and this Government's commitment to the benefits that a multi campus Technological University has the potential to bring to this region. I am determined that it will be successfully delivered and that the very considerable effort and the respective strengths of both partners will be built upon in that respect”.

Chairman of IT Carlow’s Governing Body, John Moore commented at the event, “We should create a new Technological University that will attract the best, smartest, most creative minds. We expect that this Technological University will continually adapt and change to meet the challenges of the future”.

IT Carlow is the sectoral leader for the provision of Lifelong Learning in the country. This evening’s conferring is one of eleven IT Carlow graduation ceremonies taking place this month where 2,100 graduates will be conferred across the Institute’s campuses in Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin. Since its founding in 1970, IT Carlow has generated more than 40,000 graduates. It currently ranks as the 4th largest of Ireland’s 14 Institutes with almost 7,000 enrolments.