IT Carlow Surprised by WIT Withdrawal from TU Process


President Dr Patricia Mulcahy says IT Carlow are 'surprised & disappointed' by the decision of the Waterford IT board re merger plans.  Dr Mulcahy outlined how IT Carlow had received an email from the President of WIT detailing the following decisions arising from a meeting of its Governing Body:

“The Governing Body of Waterford Institute of Technology met today (October 21st) to discuss concerns about the process of delivering a Technological University in the South East.  The members agreed to seek an urgent meeting with the Higher Education Authority and the Department of Education and Skills to discuss and address their concerns and they further agreed to suspend all activities related to merger.  WIT remains committed to a Technological University in the South East which will have a significant economic and social impact.”

IT Carlow has not been advised of the concerns referred to in the email and is currently seeking clarification. These decisions would appear to be at variance with the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) ratified by both Governing Bodies on the 13th October 2014.

The Institute has been in contact with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and it has been confirmed that the HEA and the Department of Education and Skills will meet with both Institutes within the next 2-3 days.

Local media in Waterford are commenting on a report commissioned by WIT on the TU proposition, conducted by Liverpool University academic Professor John Taylor.

IT Carlow confirms that said report was withdrawn by the author on Wednesday 15th October in an email sent to the Presidents of both IT Carlow and WIT.  The explanation for the withdrawal of the report given by the author was as follow:    

“Following my meetings in Waterford and Carlow yesterday, it is clear that there are errors in my draft report that need to be corrected; there are also changes in tone and emphasis that I wish to correct.  As I stressed yesterday, it was clearly intended as a draft and it is important to me to work with both institutions to reach an agreed report.  In order to take things forward, I wish to withdraw the draft and prepare a revised draft taking into account the feedback from both institutions.  I will endeavour to finish this as soon as possible.  I should be grateful if you could convey this to the Chairs of the governing bodies for both institutions.”

Despite the challenges, IT Carlow remains committed to establishing a Technological University for the South East through the attainment of the criteria published by the HEA. We are confident of our ability to develop an innovative new type of higher education institution for our region that will better serve the many communities and stakeholders that rely upon us for economic development and social advancement. 



For further information: Paula Butler,, t: 059 9175084


Institute of Technology Carlow, Wednesday 22nd October 2014