Links with one of Shanghai’s leading universities (SHNU)


The Institute of Technology Carlow has signed an international cooperation agreement with one of Shanghai’s leading universities (SHNU).   A senior delegation visited IT Carlow this week to sign the agreement that will see staff and student exchanges between the two institutions, particularly in the area of construction management.  The city of Shanghai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is the largest city by population in China, with 24 million inhabitants. 

Speaking at the ceremony to mark the signing, Brian McQuaid, Head of School of Engineering at IT Carlow, welcomed Prof. Gao, Vice President of SHNU, to Carlow saying “this is a historic agreement for IT Carlow and recognises the quality of the construction related courses run by the institute.”  Dr. Patricia Mulcahy, President of IT Carlow announced that as well as the signing of the agreement with SHNU, “the School of Engineering is today launching its first Masters Degree in Construction Management.  This programme will be an important feature of the agreement with Shanghai in future years”.

Prof. Gao commented “SHNU is delighted to sign this agreement. In light of Chinese society's rising need for talented people and the importance of international education, both parties have agreed to cooperate in the field of Construction Management. The programme emphasises a professional approach to education at SHNU, China and IT Carlow, Ireland.”

The agreement will see students from Shanghai take part of their studies in China and part in Ireland and will also see lecturers move between IT Carlow and SHNU to learn about the construction sector in the respective countries.  IT Carlow joins a prestigious list of international partners of SHNU that includes Harvard University, Edinburgh Napier University and the French National Academy of Science.


For further information:

Muirghin Brophy. Communications officer IT Carlow.