Inspired by a woman of science, SETU sweeps the boards at this year’s Games Fleadh

Inspired by a woman of science, SETU sweeps the boards at this year’s Games Fleadh

South East Technological University (SETU) students from the Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow took the 20th annual Games Fleadh at TUS’ Thurles Campus by storm, winning six awards for their projects.  It was no coincidence that yesterday was also International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women from all over the world for their various achievements. It was the contribution of one such woman to computer science that proved to be the inspiration behind SETU’s winning submissions.    

In formulating their projects, SETU students honoured the work of computer scientist and mathematician Kathleen Booth, creator of the assembly language that is used in every electronic device on the planet today.  Students’ projects showcased the principles that Booth devised.  A popular example of one such principle is that of neural networks, the system applied to allow self-driving cars recognise road patterns and obstacles. 

Mirella Glowinska, a second year software development student from SETU was certainly inspired by Booth. Using a compute limited microprocessor, she created an exceptional game entitled ‘Midnight Wheels’ based on this year’s Games Fleadh theme, ‘Endless Runner’. Competing alongside seven other teams from SETU, Mirella won two awards including the top award for Best Game built using Software Libraries and was commended by games industry experts, Brenda Romero, who co-founded Romero Games with her husband, John Romero. 

Brenda said, “Playing Mirella’s game, and seeing its code, it was immediately apparent that ‘Midnight Wheels’ was both well-designed and well-executed. That this award was won by a woman in a language created by a woman on International Women’s Day makes it particularly meaningful.”  

Receiving her awards, Mirella expressed her enthusiasm for the work of Kathleen Booth and her studies at SETU, “When I started my degree in computer science at SETU and discovered the importance of Booth's contribution to every devices we use today, I knew I wanted to know more and working on this project has helped me to really understand the extent of her influence on computer science today. I am delighted to complete my degree in SETU, and I’m so excited about the rest of my studies and working with the enthusiastic lecturers and students on my course.”  

Congratulating Mirella, Nigel Whyte, Head of Computing at SETU’s Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow said “We are delighted that Mirella has won so many awards today, her exceptional work in programming and design complements the recent international Athena Swan Bronze Award we received, advancing gender equality in academia particularly in the technology sector.”  

SETU students from the following computing courses; BSc in Computing (Hons) in Interactive Digital Art and Design, BSc in Computing (Hons) in Computer Games Development and BSc in Computing (Hons) in Software Development were also on the winners’ podium for Best Multiplayer Game, Best User Interface Design, Best Game Trailer and received a Highly Commended award for Best Game Mechanic. 

The Games Fleadh projects will be displayed at the annual Showcase event taking place on Thursday, 27 April, at SETU’s Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow.


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Mirella Glowinska, a second year software development student from SETU was the winner of the top award for Best Game built using Software Libraries at the 20th annual Games Fleadh at TUS’ Thurles Campus. Mirella proudly displays her award which she won on International Women’s Day, made all the sweeter by her use of the assembly language created by computer scientist and mathematician Kathleen Booth.  Photo: Alan Place