SETU’s Built Environment team partner with Engineering the South East to launch CPD Seminar Series

SETU’s Built Environment team partner with Engineering the South East to launch CPD Seminar Series

The Department of Built Environment at South East Technological University’s Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow in partnership with Engineering the South East launched a new CPD Seminar Series specifically designed for professionals working in the civil engineering and construction sectors seeking to upskill and develop their skills.

SETU’s Kilkenny Road Campus, Carlow will host a series of four seminars which will take place throughout 2023. Each session will focus on a different theme, with an interactive workshop element promoting collaboration amongst attendees and the opportunity to learn from both lecturers and peers. 

The first seminar in the series kicks off on Friday, 10 March and focuses on ‘Assertiveness for Construction Professionals’ illustrating the tools and skills to apply to better defend your objectives in the workplace and therefore interact more effectively with colleagues to achieve better outcomes.

Working closely with the Engineering the South East cluster, SETU has set about supporting the professional development of those in the construction sector in the south east and beyond.  Eoin Homan, Head of Department at SETU’s Kilkenny Road Campus said, “Our vision for SETU places a strong focus on regional support and engagement by providing exceptional learning opportunities for all, from students to businesses and regional partners. It is within this context and on behalf of SETU’s Department of Built Environment, Kilkenny Road Campus that I am pleased to announce the commencement of our CPD Seminar Series. In launching this initiative, our intention is to offer CPD opportunities to support the professional development of those employed within the built environment sector within the region.”

Chris O’Byrne, a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at SETU and a Chartered Engineer will host the first seminar on ‘Assertiveness for Construction Professionals’. He described the seminar as follows, “Assertive behaviour enables you to defend your interests and achieve your goals while dealing honestly, openly and fairly with other people. In the first seminar, you will learn the fundamentals of Assertive Behaviour and how you can apply it in different work situations to achieve your desired outcomes.”

Cluster Manager at Engineering the South East, Stephen Rooney elaborated further on what CPD means in the larger context for the south east; “Continuous Professional Development is an easy way for employers to show they are committed to their employees; it is also proven to improve staff retention levels. This seminar series, facilitated by the SETU’s Built Environment team at the Kilkenny Road Campus, will provide an easy and interactive means for the region’s construction and civil engineering professionals to get involved in a peer-to-peer learning environment with fellow professionals and to thereby gain practical lifelong skills.”  

See full list of CPD Seminar Series for Construction Professionals below.  As each scheduled session can be attended as a singular event, there’s no need to commit to the full seminar series. 

CPD Seminar Series for Construction Professionals:

- 16 June 2023- Understanding Site Investigations
- 29 September 2023 - Geothermal Energy
- 24 November 2023 - Applying modern surveying and GPS techniques in Civil Engineering and Construction Projects

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