SETU launches new University’s first Student Charter


South East Technological University (SETU) today launched its first student charter that defines the expectations and responsibilities of SETU and its students. The SETU Student Charter encompasses the key beliefs and shared principles of the University and its student body and formalises the culture of respect, empowerment and engagement that is already in existence between both. The charter also commits SETU and its students to abide by a code of behaviour characterised by inclusiveness and tolerance, openness and professionalism.

The charter sets out what both parties can expect from each other. SETU promises to provide an environment that allows every student to learn, interact and engage with all aspects of student life. For their part, students agree to participate in all facets of student life that offer the opportunity to develop both academically and personally, such as information events and activities arranged by the University and the Students’ Union on all campuses.

Work was carried out by a cross-institutional team comprising students and staff across all campuses and the charter was recently approved by both SETU’s Academic Council and Governing Body.

Speaking at the launch of the charter, Prof Veronica Campbell, President of SETU said, “It gives me great pleasure to join our Students’ Union presidents Mark Dunne and Patrick Curtin in launching the first SETU Student Charter.  Our student charter is built on the values of our University, and formalises the mutually supportive and respectful relationship that already exists between the students and staff of SETU.

“In recognising that we all have a valuable role to play in our university ecosystem, the charter gives us a blueprint on how we maintain and develop a positive environment for both students and staff to flourish in. I would like to sincerely thank the students and staff involved in this project for their valuable work on this charter.”

Patrick Curtin, President of Students’ Union at SETU’s Waterford campus commented, “The signing off on SETU’s Student Charter is another big step in the right direction for our new University and serves as an exemplar for Irish higher education . It will give our students and staff a framework to follow, to ensure our students continue to have a positive and productive student experience during their time at SETU." 

Mark Dunne, President of Students’ Union at SETU’s Carlow campus said, "I'm delighted to have signed the first SETU Student Charter on behalf of SETU Carlow and Wexford campuses. This charter is critical in setting out the ethos of SETU and ensuring that students receive a fair and equal quality education and that Students' Union activities are supported and recognised for the benefit of University life.”


Photo caption Pictured at the signing of SETU’s student charter were (back row, from left to right); David Denieffe, VP for Academic Affairs, Prof Patrick Prendergast, Chairperson of the Governing Body, Dr Laura Keane, Head of Student Life and Learning, Waterford Campus and in the front row (left to right) Patrick Curtin, President of Students’ Union, Waterford campus, Prof Veronica Campbell, President of SETU and Mark Dunne, President of Students’ Union, Carlow and Wexford campuses.