SETU Carlow computing students launch the ‘Three Muses’ game

SETU Carlow computing students launch the ‘Three Muses’ game

Computing students of the Interactive Digital Art and Design and Games Development degree courses at SETU’s Carlow campus launch the ‘Three Muses’ game. The game was produced as part of the Three Muses programme which is a joint education initiative between The Hunt Museum, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Limerick Museum.  The project aims to promote the wonders of these three collections to primary school children with a key focus on modern and contemporary visual art.

Collaborating with the museums and gallery of art, SETU computing students created a game referencing artifacts and installations from each of these institutions across Limerick. The game requires the player to help Truffles, a treasure hunting piggy on a journey through Limerick city to unearth its cultural riches. After completing each level, an interactive 3D scan of a ceramic treasure from one of the Three Muses: The Hunt Museum, Limerick Museum and Limerick City Gallery of Art is unlocked by Truffles.

Nigel Whyte, Head of Computing at SETU’s Carlow campus is very excited about the project, “We were delighted with this opportunity to work with the Three Muses collaboration team, this project had a very tight deadline and was only made possible with the input of our Interactive Digital Art and Design academic team and of course our students.” 

Úna Hussey, Three Muses Public Engagement Coordinator was equally enthusiastic about the collaboration, “What this team delivered in just one month was beyond expectations, ensuring the end result was a fun and educational game engaging primary school pupils in the collections of the Three Muses and in Limerick’s cultural heritage. A primary goal of the Three Muses joint education programme is to provide local Limerick primary school pupils with the opportunity to engage with the three local cultural institutions through digital interaction in the form of gamification. We look forward to future collaborations!”.

Character, audio, artifact, and visual design ques were grounded in Limerick’s heritage with an illustration of Limerick from 1578 in the Limerick Museum Collection layout forming the surroundings for Truffles to navigate. The colour palette for Truffles and the city was taken from a selection of watercolour paintings in the Permanent Collection of the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

Truffles, the main protagonist was inspired by a delicate ceramic statue bearing City Mayors Coat of Arms. Limerick as a port city exported food, lace and many other products around the globe. As a port city, ships needed to be maintained and a diving suit in the Limerick Museum Collection became a patrolling guard protecting the city walls of King John’s Castle along the Shannon.  The sweets that Truffles collects on her way to find the keys are inspired by the shapes of sweet moulds from Limerick sweet production, also on display in the Limerick Museum.

Children can now play the game and discover a rich collection of artifacts installed around the city.  The game is available to play via

Photo Caption:

Former Mayor of Limerick, Councillor Daniel Butler is pictured at the launch of the Three Muses Programme’s treasure hunt game with students from Scoil Íde primary school in Corbally. Also pictured here are left to right (back row):  Úna Hussey, Three Muses Engagement Coordinator, Maria Cagney, Curator of Education and Outreach at the Hunt Museum, Jethro Simuzingili, SETU student, Jill Cousins, Director of the Hunt Museum, Roxanne Burchartz, SETU computing lecturer, Kinga Pestka, SETU student, Eoin Galavan, SETU student, Kacper Szatkowski, SETU student, Philip Bourke, SETU computing lecturer and Kym Daly, Scoil Íde primary school.