IT Carlow Collaborates with the Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre in the Development & Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Practices

12/06/2013 10:40:00

As part of their commitment to the development and promotion of environmentally sustainable practices, the Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre collaborated with four IT Carlow students to investigate environmental issues of interest to the Arboretum including groundwater quality, water hardness, sustainable drainage systems, wastewater treatment and the feasibility of rainwater harvesting. IT Carlow students, Alison Kilbane and James Morrissey from the Department of Science and Health, and Maria Rooney and Alan Kiernan from the Department of Built Environment put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies and recently provided the Arboretum Management Team with a detailed report on the outcomes of the research undertaken during their projects.

“Collaborations such as this one with the Arboretum are an important aspect of a student’s practical experience while studying for their Degree” commented Brian Ogilvie, External Services Manager, IT Carlow. “The connection between the Institute and Industry is an important linkage for both the student and the company involved.  We were delighted with the Arboretum’s support and interest in working with our students”.

According to Fergal Doyle, Director at the Arboretum, “Working with the students on these projects was a positive and worthwhile event which allowed the Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre to get a better insight into the emerging areas of environmental technology.”

The projects were supervised by IT Carlow’s Dr Dina Brazil, from the Department of Science and Health and Jer Keohane, from the Department of the Built Environment. 


Pic:  L-R  Alison Kilbane (Student), Dr Dina Brazil (Lecturer IT Carlow), Jer Keohane (Lecturer IT Carlow), James Morrisey (Student), Maria Rooney (Student), Rachel Doyle, (Managing Director, Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre),  Fergal Doyle (Director, Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre), and Brian Ogilvie (External Services Manager, IT Carlow) pictured at the Arboretum Lifestyle & Garden Centre following the presentation of environmental studies carried out by the IT Carlow Students.