Unique Opportunity for Carlow IT Law Graduates


Raymond Bradley, managing partner of local law firm Malcomson Law has declared that the future for legal professionals is still bright. Speaking at the presentation of the Law Student of the Year award at IT Carlow’s Conferring Ceremony recently, Raymond Bradley said that ‘after every economic crash comes growth and new ways of doing business. The market for legal services is no different’. He also welcomed the government’s ‘Legal Services Regulation Bill’ describing it as ‘a good day for the consumer and the legal profession’.

‘Restrictive practices which obstruct the delivery of legal services will be removed, opening opportunities for new business models’ said Mr. Bradley. ‘The Bill will also provide for greater competition in the provision of legal training and a subsequent reduction in the cost of training to qualify as a solicitor. From the consumer’s perspective, it will provide for greater transparency for legal costs and greater assistance and protection for consumers of legal services’.  Mr. Bradley presented the Law Student of the Year award to Mary Travers and congratulated her on coming first in her class at IT Carlow. Malcomson Law commissioned local sculptor Martin Lyttle to create a sculpture that reflected the concept of Law and the Student. The five sided seed sculpted from Carlow limestone symbolises the student’s potential growth, store of knowledge and learning from which growth and development will emanate. The seed also symbolises the five basis on which a judge must base judgement in Brehon law.