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How to use the library FAQs

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Borrowing Books

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Searching for Information

I can’t find the answer to my question in the F.A.Q.s, what do I do?

You can contact library staff by telephone: 059-9175760 and by email at or on our website under Support.

What are the library’s opening hours?

Currently library opening hours are subject to change. Please see the Return to Libraries 2021 » guide and social media pages for updated information.
Please note the opening hours of the Institute's buildings are different to those of the libraries.

How do I contact Library Staff?

Phone numbers for all library staff are available on the Library Contacts page. General queries can be emailed to

What is Library Search: Print Resources?

Library Search: Print Resources is a web site that can be used to search for items in the library and some online resources. Connect to Library Search: Print Resources here »

How do I use the Library Search: Print Resources service?

Enter in the name of the book, the author, keyword or subject to find the book or subject area of your choice.  If searching by author, type the surname in first eg; Giddens, Anthony. Each item has been catalogued with a specific number to allow you to find its exact location on the shelf. Books of a similar subject are located near to each other, therefore it is advisible to always search this service to find the exact location. More information on how to use Library Search: Print Resources can be found here »

What do the different location codes on the catalogue mean?

General Lending - items may be borrowed for up to one week at a time.
Short Loan Collection - items may be borrowed for up to one week at a time.
Reference Collection - items are for library use only and cannot be borrowed.
T&L Centre Collection - items can only be borrowed by staff and postgraduate students.
If the Location code includes Wexford or Wicklow this means the items are only available in these Campus Libraries.

What and where are Short Loan books?

Short Loan books are high-demand books that may be borrowed for 1 week at a time. It is only possible to renew a Short Loan book once. They are located on the ground floor and can be identified by an orange label on the spine of the book.

What and where are Reference Collection books?

The Reference Collection comprises a collection of information sources such as encyclopaedias and dictionaries as well as books on specific topics. These books are for use in the library only and cannot be borrowed. They are located on the first floor of the LRC building, and can be identified by the letters REF following the shelf number, for example 150REF.

How do I find items using the location codes on the catalogue?

Make a note of the Call Number and Status on the library record. The Call Number tells you what number to look for on the spine label of the book on the shelf. The Status tells you if the item is on the shelf 'Available', if the Status displays 'Checked Out' this indicates that the item is on loan and is not due to be returned until the date shown in the Date Due column.

I am a member of the public can I join/use the library? If so how?

Due to COVID 19 unfortunately we cannot accommodate existing or new external readers and/or members of the public and/or students from outside of IT Carlow to use our library.

I want to visit another academic library, what do I do?

Due to COVID 19 there are restrictions and we suggest students check library websites before considering making an application to visit another library.

What is the Repository?

The IT Carlow Repository is an online open-access collection of research output by academic staff, researchers and students of IT Carlow

How can I access e-books?

Purchased e-books can be found by searching Library Search : Print Resources. Ebook Central e-books can also be located through the database link on the Quick Links page and through the Publication Search option in the Search and Find: Online Resources service.

What is an Online Resource?

Online Resources are subscribed to items that are accessible online. Access to these resources is only available to registered users of the Institute.

Can I access the online resources from home?

If you are at home when searching the library’s databases you will be asked for authentication. In this case enter your IT Carlow network username and password. The same will apply when using the Search and Find : Online Resources service at home.
To find a list of library databases click here »

How many books may I borrow? And for long?

Full-time students:
4 general lending books for 1 week
2 short loan collection books for 1 week

Part-time students:
4 general lending books for 1 week
2 short loan collection books for 1 week

Masters students:
6 books for 4 weeks

Academic staff:
10 books for 12 weeks

Non-academic staff:
10 books for 12 weeks

Reference material and journals may not be borrowed.

How do I access my Library account?

From the Library Homepage enter your details in the Login to Your Library Account option. Use your IT Carlow network username and password to log in.

Do I need my student card to borrow books?

Yes. You can borrow books at the library issue desk or by using the self-service machine as described below.

Do I need my student card to return books?

No, a student card is not needed to return books to the library

What if I want to use the self-service machine?

The self-service machine is located on the ground floor of the LRC near the library desk. To borrow a book touch the Borrow button on the screen and scan your ID card barcode. Place the book on the pad. The title of the book will appear on the screen, will turn green and there will be a ping sound. Press Finish/Receipt. The receipt will have the number of item (s) borrowed and the date the item (s) is due back in bold script.

To return a book touch the Return button on the screen. Place the book on the coloured pad. The title will appear in a bold box and there will be a ping sound. Press Finish. Please put returned books on the trolley by the machine.

May I borrow books during the summer holidays?

Yes, term-time loan periods still apply.

How do I renew my books?

Week loan items may be automatically renewed 5 times. This can be done either in person at the library desk, at the self-service machines or online through the Library website using the Login to Your Library facility. The item will be extended by the normal loan period (e.g. one week). Library items will not be renewed if there are any outstanding fines on your account in excess of 5.00 euros, if the item is overdue or if another user has placed a hold on that item.

My books are overdue, what can I do?

Please return overdue items to the Library as soon as possible. Currently items can only be returned using the book-drop bin. Please note that book return procedures are liable to change so please watch the library's webpage and social media for updated information.

What are the charges on overdue items?

Currently fines are not being charged on overdue loan items

I thought I returned my book but it was not checked in, what do I do?

Please contact library staff who can help resolve this.

I have lost a Library book, what should I do?

Please contact Library staff. If library material is lost or damaged you may be asked to pay replacement costs if the material is not found/badly damaged. The library will also accept a replacement copy of the material once it is in very good/excellent condition.

What is a ‘Hold’?

A hold stops borrowed material from being checked out to anyone except the user who placed the hold.

How do I place a hold on an item?

Search the library catalogue. When you find the item you want to place on hold, click on the Place Hold link. Enter the login details asking for your IT Carlow network username and password. When the item is available for collection, you will be contacted by e-mail to your college e-mail account. Items will be kept on hold for two days from when the email was sent. It is not possible to place a hold on reference, journals, or short-loan material. Holds can also be placed by asking library staff at the library desk.

I cannot visit the library in time to collect my held item within two days – what can I do?

Please contact library staff.

I need help searching a database, what can I do?

For help contact library staff at 059 917 5760 or email

How can I search past theses?

On the main page of the Library website follow the 'For more LIBRARY SEARCH options click here>>' link. This will open an Advanced Search page. On this page enter your search terms and then scroll down the page to the 'Item Type' check box and select 'Thesis' then click on the 'Search' button. Recent PhD and Research Masters theses are available in the Institutional Repository

I am having difficulty accessing exam papers, what do I do?

Please contact Computing Services if you are having difficult accessing exam papers online. The library has the past three years of exam papers at the library desk. They may be borrowed for one hour at a time. There is a fine of 50 cent per item per hour overdue.

I have a question about putting money on my student account/computer facilities/printing/photocopying/scanning/WIFI in the library?

For any queries about putting money on your student account/computer facilities/printing/photocopying/scanning/WIFI in the library please contact the Computing Services department on the top floor.
Click here for more information »

Where can I find the latest newspapers?

The library provides access to newspapers online through the Nexis Uni database. This database contains numerous international newspaper publications, including the Irish Times. To access newspapers, log into the Nexis Uni database via the A-Z Database List. Once logged in select the News option and search for the publication title.

What is an Inter-Library Loan (ILL)? 

Books, journal articles or dissertations that are not available in the IT Carlow library or online, may be requested from another library using the ILL facility.

How do I request an an Inter-Library Loan (ILL)?

Registered lecturing staff, final year and postgraduate students and can submit an ILL request form. An online request form is available for this purpose.

How will I know my an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) has arrived?

Requestors will be notified by email when the requested material has arrived and is available for collection.

How long can I have an Inter-Library Loan (ILL)?

The loan period for books and other returnable material is decided by the lending library. The loan period may vary from 2 to 4 weeks.
The lending library may recall an item – in this case the item may not be renewed. Requests for renewal may be sought by contacting Fiona Roberts in the library. Renewal is dependent on the lending library and the requester will be contacted as soon as possible whether this is possible. Please return material to the library desk, the self-service machine cannot be used for this facility.

I have an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) question, what will I do?

Please contact Fiona Roberts