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L2L Seminar at IT Carlow


                                                                On March 15th 2018, IT Carlow Library in collaboration with its project partners, DKIT Library and DIT Library, is hosting a seminar "The Importance of Continuous Professional Development for Library Staff and the role of L2L in this debate". This seminar is part of a continuation of seminars and workshops which are part of the L2L Library Staff Learning to Support Learners National Forum Project. The L2L Project Team has taken the National Professional Development Framework for all staff who teach in Higher Education and looked at the framework through the lens of library staff. This seminar is focusing on exploring professional development for all library staff who teach. Speakers include leaders from the L2L Project and Professional Library Bodies from the UK and Ireland. Speakers from other professions have also been invited so library staff can share and learn from the Professional Development experiences and requirements of other professions.

Further details of the event and the L2L project can be found here:

The Professional Development Framework (PDF) can be found here: