How to Apply

On receipt of your application form and supporting documentation your application will be reviewed by the relevant Head of Department. When a decision is made about your application a conditional offer will be issued together with an invoice for the appropriate fee. Upon receipt of this fee the Institute will issue a formal letter of offer, which can be used to obtain or renew your study visa.

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  • When completing the application form the student/agent should indicate the applicant's chosen course of study at the Institute of Technology Carlow by indicating the appropriate code and full course title.
  • Non-First Year applications should also complete the application form, specifying the required year of entry and return to the above address accompanied by all certified transcripts.
  • The International Department of the Institute will handle all application requirements and correspondence with the Central Application Office (CAO) of Ireland on behalf of the student. The Central Application Office handles all first year entry to all recognised State Universities in Ireland.
  • Students who have satisfied the initial entrance requirements will be issued with a conditional letter of acceptance on the payment of their full first year fee. In the event of the applicant being refused an entry Visa for study purposes, the Institute will refund the fees paid in full on presentation of the official letter of refusal from the Department of Justice.
  • Applicants should be aware that the Institute of Technology Carlow, as with all recognised Universities in Ireland, only intakes once per year. The academic year begins in September of each year. Therefore when submitting an application please take into account the time required by the student to obtain a Visa and also to reach the necessary standard of English.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty using the online application form, pleasedownload and complete the attached application form