Erasmus Entry Requirements

Students and staff wishing to study or teach at SETU Carlow must meet the requirements of the University. Students must be successful in their home Institute examinations to be accepted for study at SETU Carlow. Therefore interested students or staff should contact the co-ordinator at their home institute to make the necessary arrangements for their exchange period abroad.

Visa Requirement

Any document required by the Visa authorities from SETU Carlow as the host institute, will be provided on request. The relevant contact email address is


Erasmus students coming to study at SETU Carlow should ensure that they apply for their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) in their home country before travelling. Students should also check with the international office at their home institute to see what level of insurance cover their institute requires them to have when studying or working abroad. They may have a requirement to take out additional insurance for their time abroad.