New Frontiers Entrepreneurial Development Programme

New Frontiers

The New Frontiers Programme is a professional training and enterprise support programme aimed at entrepreneurs who have a well thought out innovative business idea or technology that has the potential to be transformed into a High Potential Start Up company. The programme is intended to train potential entrepreneurs in the skills required to establish and run their own businesses.

Where is it based?

The New Frontiers Programme is co-located at the Enterprise and Research Incubation Centre (ERIC) in SETU Carlow and at the ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre in SETU Waterford. Both Centres have strong track records of successfully providing a business incubation environment that supports entrepreneurial development and company growth. The partnership between the two incubation centres provides an extensive support network for wider regional business development.

How will it work?

This three phase programme will provide, over a six month period, a professional practical support programme targeted at people who are in the early stages of setting up a technology-based or knowledge-intensive business. Training and support will be provided by experienced practitioners through a structured delivery and assessment process which will provide the required assistance and guidance for the development of commercially viable enterprises.

Phase 1
Business Feasibility
Phase 2
Business Development
Phase 3
Business Commercialisation
  • Part-time (4-6 weeks)
  • Idea identification
  • Business evaluation
  • 6 months full-time (blended learning)
  • Structured training
  • Extensive mentoring
  • Investor pitch preparation
  • Hot desk facilities
  • Enterprise Ireland funding of €15,000
  • Investor-ready Business Plan
  • Route to Market strategies
  • Customer value proposition refinement.

Who is eligible to Apply?

Applicants should be potential entrepreneurs who have a well thought-out innovative business idea or technology that has the potential to be transformed into a high potential start-up company. The business concept should be:

 - Knowledge based
 - Innovative in nature
 - Have job creation potential
 - Have export potential or potential to earn external revenues
 - Have been well researched prior to application

What supports are provided?

- Shared office accommodation in the Enterprise & Research Incubation Centre located at SETU Carlow or at the Arclabs Research & Innovation Centre  located at  SETU Waterford
- Hands-on business advice & direction
- Access to training and consultancy services of partner organisations
- Introduction to networks of mentors, venture capitalists and other support agencies
- Personal mentoring relevant to grow the enterprise or product development under the programme mentoring scheme delivered by experts in the field of business management and development
- Enterprise Ireland Support funding up to a maximum of €15,000 for participants in Phase 2

Case Studies

Please click the button below for some long and short-themed case study video interviews with previous participants of the New Frontiers Programme.

How do I Apply?

Download Application Form


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