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2015 Programme

The 2015 programme, which commenced in February in both Ireland and Wales, is free of charge and consists of one-to-one mentoring aimed at inspiring creativity and helping you to develop ideas for new products and services. The participants will use self-learning resources to stimulate thinking, evaluate opportunities and capitalise on idea generation and creativity as a competitive tool.


2013 & 2014 Programme


Do you want your company to become more creative and innovative? Do you want to meet with researchers and innovators to develop new business opportunities? If so, then the INSPIRE programme can help you. Workshops by industry experts will be complemented by structured networking and brainstorming sessions, linking you into the research network and giving you the skills to generate and evaluate ideas for new products and business models.

Innovators & Researchers

Would you like the opportunity to meet potential business and partners to assist in commercialising your research? INSPIRE will give you the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, potential business partners and other researchers and innovators to brainstorm ideas for new research projects with strong commercial potential and to create links with the business network.


Have you always wanted to run your own business but don’t know where to start? Do you want to use your business and commercial skills to create new opportunities? INSPIRE will introduce you to like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers and business owners to create an environment to develop idea generation and bring these ideas to commercialisation. Through a series of workshops, mentoring, and networking events, participants will learn the skills to generate and evaluate an innovative concept and how to undertake research to establish the commercial and financial viability of their idea.

What is the INSPIRE Programme?

INSPIRE (Initiating Pathways for Innovators, Researchers and Entrepreneurs) is an initiative between Pembrokeshire County Council and SETU Carlow to create an environment to nurture and develop Idea Generation among innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs and SMEs and instil the skill sets to bring these ideas to commercialisation. The objective of INSPIRE is to develop innovative, knowledge-based concepts which have the potential to become a viable and scalable business proposition.

Where is it based?

The Programme is delivered by Pembrokeshire County Council, based at the Bridge Innovation Centre in Pembroke Dock and SETU Carlow, based at the Kilkenny Research and Innovation Centre located at St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny.

How will it work?

The project will germinate start-ups by bridging the gap between knowledge-based idea creation and forming an innovative competitive business ready to commercialise. At the end of the programme, participants should have a well thought-out business concept which is ready to enter the pre-commercialisation stage where supports such as the New Frontiers Programme (Ireland) can assist in the further development of the company.

What supports are provided?

INSPIRE will provide the necessary training, support, access to resources and infrastructure to enhance the skill-sets required to search, identify, screen and commercially evaluate a business idea with the intention of starting an enterprise. These supports will include workshops, 1-2-1 mentoring and hotdesk facilities. Practical advice on R&D, IP, design and prototyping will also be available. There will be networking opportunities for participants to enhance cross germination and the commercial value of their idea.



INTERREG – Ireland Wales Programme

The Ireland Wales Territorial Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG 4A) aims to further develop Irish Welsh co-operation in the areas of employment, innovation, climate change and sustainable development. INTERREG means ‘Inter-regional’ which represents the building of links between regions in the European Union. The Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 has an overall aim of addressing issues relating to innovation, entrepreneurship, the knowledge economy, climate change, sustainable development and providing more and better jobs between the two EU neighbours. Managed in Ireland by the Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly on behalf of the Irish Government, the Welsh Government and the European Commission, the Programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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