Enterprise & Research Incubation Campus (ERIC)

ERICLocated on the grounds of the SETU Carlow, the Enterprise & Research Incubation Centre is a purposely built, fully serviced building providing 831 sq. m of industrial and commercial space dedicated to the growth of young knowledge-based companies.  Its goal is to accelerate the development of start-up companies through a comprehensive combination of infrastructure, business support services and specialised resources before and during their foundation.

Incubation Eligibility

Applications are welcome from both new and existing firms interested in utilising the facilities and resources of the centre to develop their ventures.  Suitable firms are offered accommodation in the individual incubator units under a flexible rental agreement. Occupants pay an accommodation charge and operating costs in proportion to the size of their unit(s). A flexible space policy enables firms to acquire larger sized units as required.

Incubation Facilities

  • The ERIC centre houses 11 self-contained units ranging in size from 133 sq. m to 22.5 sq.m
  • 5 industrial units for manufacturing operations and 6 units for IT & e-Business based firms
  • Units are serviced by water, gas & electricity
  • Administration services (word processing, fax, receptionist and photocopying) on a pay-as-you-use basis.
  • Telephone switchboard and extensions to each incubator unit
  • Computer Centre and Advanced Telecommunications including Broadband Access
  • Meeting/Training Room
  • Hospitality Room
  • On site management
  • Private Parking

Access to the University’s Expertise & Facilities

  • Business Mentoring
  • One to one clinics
  • Technical Support
  • Research collaboration 
  • Linkages to Business Networks
  • Training Programmes – New Frontiers Entrepreneurial Development Programme and Inspire