Expertise & Facilities

IT Carlow has a strong commitment to developing lasting relationships with industry and continuously engage with enterprises and public bodies.  The level of interaction with local, national and international business communities is increasing yearly, providing new opportunities for learning and research.

Expertise & Consultancy

IT Carlow connect entrepreneurs, start-up companies and the Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) sector with cutting-edge research, expertise and opportunities including;

  • access to specialist equipment and research facilities
  • access to license existing knowledge (developed technologies, processes, innovations and intellectual property)
  • access to  knowledge, skills, technical support and know-how through research contracts, consultancy and mentoring
  • access to funding to support innovation through Innovation Vouchers and Partnerships 

IT Carlow’s Research Centres are recognised as assisting companies innovate, enhancing products, services and processes and increasing competitiveness.

By utilising its expertise and facilities, IT Carlow provides a range of services through collaborative research and development projects, many of which have been facilitated by Innovation Vouchers.

Specialised Centres

Located on the campus of IT Carlow The Dargan CentreCampus Innovation Centre and Enterprise & Research Incubation Campus provide the infrastructure, resources and expertise for researchers, entrepreneurs and established companies seeking to bring innovative ideas to commercial realisation.