Clarifying the Role of the Work Placement Tutor/Preceptor - 7th November 2019

Clarifying the Role of the Work Placemeent Tutor/Perceptor will take place as follows:

Clarifying the Role of the Work Placement Tutor/Perceptor 
Carlow Campus  Thursday 7th November 2019 
Location: A204
Time: 9.00am - 3.30pm

The role of the work placement tutor/preceptor is to provide a placement setting which gives the students the opportunity to develop independence, self-confidence and the ability to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. This seminar aims to work with placement tutors to examine ways in which they can be supported in this role. The sessions will allow tutors and placement coordinators to: Develop a deeper understanding of how teaching and learning occurs within a placement setting Appraise the roles and responsibilities of the tutor/preceptor and student throughout the placement process Demonstrate an understanding of how assessment and feedback can enhance student success within a placement setting Identify challenges and design and implement support strategies for students experiencing difficulty on placements Develop and disseminate resources suitable for supporting work placement students and tutors The event will be facilitated by: Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) - Dr. Catriona Bradley, Executive Director and Ms. Sony Saenz Saralegui, Operations Coordinator. Affiliation for Pharmacy Practice Experiential Learning (APPEL) - Ms. Ruth McCarthy, Practice Educator, University College Cork This event is sponsored by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning. It is part of the National Forum Seminar Series 2019-2020.