South East Engineering Festival - SETU Campuses

Coordinated by Calmast STEM Engagement Centre, South East Technological University with colleagues from the School of Engineering SETU Waterford and the Faculty of Engineering SETU Carlow, Engineers Ireland South East Region and Engineering the South East industry cluster. 

Engineers design products and processes that make our everyday lives easy. Engineers combine science, maths and computing with design thinking to create the things we depend on, such as buildings, bridges, roads, water supplies, electricity supplies, mobile phones, computers and much more. Engineers are also working to find ways of reducing the threat of Climate Change. The South East Engineering Festival will give people in the South East of Ireland an opportunity to learn what engineers do and how they do it.

There are lots of great jobs in engineering in the region and there are many opportunities to learn to be an engineer at SETU the South East’s new Technological University.

This year’s festival will kick off with World Day for Sustainable Engineering on Saturday 4 and continue on to 10 March 2023. 

The scheduled events taking place on SETU Campuses can be found here »