Bachelor of Science (Honours) Common Entry (CEY) CW108

When you apply for Science you must select ONE of the following options: CEY, BPH, BRD, PDF

CEY - Common Entry
BPH - Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals
BRD - Brewing and Distilling
PDF - Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation

Applicants who select a specific degree option (i.e. CW108 BPH, BRD or PDF) are guaranteed a place on that programme subject to meeting the entry requirements and points. Applicants who are undecided on choices should choose CW108 CEY (Common Entry). All applicants may change their selection up to the end of Year 1 and must confirm their specialism at that point.


Application Procedure

Applicants to the Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree may choose a common entry option at CAO stage and select a specialist area after Year 1 or choose a specialist area at CAO stage.

Course Structure

The first year of this course provides students with a foundation in science, and subjects are common for all students. After Year 1, students separate into their chosen specialist area from the following:
  • Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals
  • Brewing & Distilling
  • Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation 

The course offers a blend of academic and practical skill development and includes a period of industrial work placement.

Course options

Common Entry (CEY)

A Common Entry course is a popular choice for students who have an interest in a discipline but are unsure of what career path they would like to follow. Common Entry courses allow students to study a broad range of subjects initially and then choose their preferred specialist area. This allows students more time to discover what interests them most.

Biosciences with Biopharmaceuticals (BPH)

This option equips students with a theoretical knowledge and practical laboratory skills and competencies demanded by the biopharmaceutical science and biotechnology industries. For more information on the BPH option click here »

Brewing and Distilling (BRD)

This option will equip graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in brewing and distilling and enable them to make a contribution to this recognised growth industry. For more information on the BRD option click here »

Pharmaceutics and Drug Formulation (PDF)

This option offers a solid foundation in chemistry and analytical science that will allow graduates to make a significant contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. For more information on the PDF option click here »

What subjects will I study?

Year 1
Mandatory Subjects

  • Fundamental Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Laboratory Science
  • Current Concepts in Science

Special features of this course

All students, regardless of the original option chosen, will be permitted to change their selection at the end of Year 1 and confirm their specialism for Year 2.

  • Exit Awards - Bachelor of Science in Biosciences or Analytical Science (NFQ Level 7) after Year 3.
  • Exit Award – Higher Certificate (NFQ Level 6) after Year 2.

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